Sunday, February 22, 2009

Twin Speak...A complicated life!

With the advance of modern technology we would have thought that our lives would have been made a lot easier and more convenient...

Frankie: However, after house-sitting for my sister this weekend, I have come to the conclusion that this is a very big misconception.

30 minutes. It took me 30 minutes to turn on the television. Back when I was growing up, I remember we had a good old TV, the size of a house, in that very tasteful wood finish. Similar to the one on 'The Simpsons'. The big box looking TV on the 4 legs and the antenna at the top. All it took to turn on the TV was one push of a button from a very huge remote control. Easy!

So with all the modern conveniences and technology, I find it very ironic that it took me half an hour to switch on the TV. My sister has a state of the art system. One remote to turn on each electronic device.

However, I soon realised that I needed to operate this fang dangle remote by pressing a special sequence of buttons in order to watch the TV. Oh, and should you accidentally press the wrong button and ruin the order of button pressing, well then you need to start all over again and begin the ritual of turning on the TV.

Technology has definitely made our life a lot easier and brought us some great devices however, this is not to say that things are as user friendly as they once were.

Have I become technologically incapable. I used to be so savvy with these things and now, I struggle to turn on a simple TV??? What's happened to the good old days?

Bella: I too find that some of today's technology just simply evades me! And it's not only physical appliances that I can't get a hold on but also social tech applications that confuse me. Like for example, Twitter??? I've tried to understand this concept but can't! What is it?? I mean Facebook I can understand and see the purpose but even this still amazes me some days with the cult following but Twitter??? It's just a bunch of annyoing comments that constantly pollute your Twitter page and nothing more than that. I don't care that you just ate a cheesburger 5 minutes ago...really I don't!

Just for fun...I found a few pictures of useless Japanese inventions. The not-so-ancient Japanese art of inventing ingenious everyday gadgets that, on the face of it, seem like an ideal solution to a particular problem. However, Chindogu has a distinctive feature: anyone actually attempting to use one of these inventions, would find that it causes so many new problems, or such significant social embarrassment, that effectively it has no utility whatsoever. Thus, Chindogu are sometimes described as ‘unuseless’ - that is, they cannot be regarded as ‘useless’ in an absolute sense, since they do actually solve a problem; however, in practical terms, they cannot positively be called ‘useful’.

Enjoy :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Twin Speak: Every Meeting Must Have a Seperation

A very much loved but distant relative passed away yesterday. Often in times of tragedy people find clarity and resolve. Small inconsequential things that used to plague you are seen in a new perspective due to the harsh realities of the situation before you.

I had an opportunity to visit my relative before her passing. She had been sick for a very long time and rapidly declined within the last few weeks. We all knew it was coming yet it is still hard to bear the news when it does come. From the time I spent with the other members of my family it made me realise how important these quality moments are. We supported each other through the uncertainty, we helped each other when we needed it and even with the dark cloud hanging over us, we made each other laugh when it counted most.

Even though I am sad I am most grateful that I have had the opportunity to realise this important life lesson. In my moment of clarity, it made me realise that perhaps it was time for me to seriously consider starting a family soon. One of the major reasons I went to be with my family was to support my Mother during this hard time for her. I want to give my mother the joy of having another family around her when she can't be with hers. But mostly I want to also have the support from my family when I need it in the future just like I supported my Mum.

Through the few hardships I've had over the years I've learned most importantly:
- Family is everything
- Always say how you feel and always tell your loved ones you love them everyday
- Never go to bed angry
- Never leave home bearing a grudge
- Life is too short

Frankie: We all come to a realisation when adversity hits us. It's a shame that we can not understand or realise what's important without something terrible happening.

The last time a loved one left us, I said to myself that I would always appreciate what I have and love the family around me. In time, I have slipped back into the old ways. I don't always appreciate what I have and I don't always treat my loved ones the best.

Again, I say to myself now, that I will value what is important, cherish my family and be kind. I will not go back.

I send my love and best wishes to my family and to our dearly departed.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Twin Speak...Phobias!

Frankie: I don't know if you could call this a phobia, but, technically, I don't really like to eat anything red?

The reason why I don't think it's a phobia is because I actually eat Tomatoes and capsicums (Bell Peppers). But according to my fellow work mates, I indeed have a phobia, even if I indulge in the occasional orangey red tomato.

Most of my 'red' phobia relates to fruits and lollies, and any artificially coloured foods for that matter. And this is who the conversation came up at work. We had a little party at work and there were lollies and fruit platters and a bowl of red strawberry punch. My worst nightmare.

Anyway, one of my work mates got me a drink and handed me the dreaded punch. I recoiled in shock that I nearly touched the cup with the red drink in it and that actually had some punch spilled down the side. Of course, it was hard for me to explain this weird behaviour.

I tired to brush it off with the explanation that I did not like strawberries but of course everyone thought it still weird that I really didn't want to touch the cup with strawberry punch running down the side. Of course, everyone thought that my little 'phobia' was quiet hilarious. So everyone started waving red strawberries in my face and one person even rubbed a strawberry down my arm...yuck!!

Yes, maybe I am weired but is taunting really necessary. Can a person not live with their weirdness without being made fun of.

Everyone starting bombarding me with questions as to why I hate red, why I can't eat it, when I have last tried etc. So I tried to explain that I really didn't know?? Does everyone who has phobia know why they have it??? Does a person afraid of 'peanut butter getting stuck on the roof of their mouth', know why they hate this sensation. And yes, this is a real phobia. Not one of mine, but real nonetheless.

So does anyone else have a weird tendency and if so, do you know why?? Or am I the only person that can't really explain my aversion to most red foods???

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Twin Speak...The 'Deli Assistant'.

Frankie: So I was out and about yesterday doing my weekly, but more like fortnightly, grocery and food shopping. As mentioned in previous posts, things are a bit tight. Too the point at the moment, that I was even contemplating if I really needed Toilet Paper this week and to for ego it for a yummy pack of super fat Lamb Shanks...

Now, I really didn't want to post my next 'Annoyance' post consecutively after my #1 Annoyance post. Because I really don't like whinging all the time, however, as I was doing my shoestring budget shopping, I encountered the dreaded 'Deli Assistant'.

Now, lately I have noticed how the customer care factor has gone out the window with these assistants. Not too mention the fact, that I believe all Deli assistants have been briefed on trying to rip off the customer with excess 'produce stuffing' to ensure additional grams and kilos are packaged in the customer bag and ultimately paid for. It's a conspiracy.

So as I am perusing what I want, I notice my favourite cheese imported from Europe. Now, knowing that I could barely afford the essentials, I didn't really need or could afford the cheese. So I opted for a measly 50grams just for a taste. As the 'Deli Assistant' starts to get my order, she cuts off this huge chunk, bags it and then says to me, "Will 250grams do??"

"Ummm, what do you think??" I say in my head?? Well, maybe if she said '55g' or even '60g', but 250 grams, "will that do"??? Yes, that will do! And while you're at it, how about I just place back the bread, eggs and milk that I was thinking of purchasing because now I can't afford it with that hunk of cheese you seem to be handing to me??

And as I stare at her with my incredulous look, I think she gets the message and places more than 3/4 of it back in the little cheese tub and bags my 54gram lot.

And hence...Annoyance #2

Monday, February 9, 2009

Twin Speak...Annoyance #1

Frankie: So lately, I have been getting 'slightly' annoyed with many things in general. Be it a crazy, reckless driver, or a slow talker, maybe a slow walker, or even the slight tapping of my fellow cubicle dweller at the office...

Maybe my patience is dwindling and my ability to tolerate little annoyances have diminished. Or maybe, I'm just going through a pessimistic, negative, whiny stage in my life. Nevertheless, I decided to blog my annoyance each time I seem to experience one.

The annoyance that kicked started my annoyance blog would have to be...

Annoyance #1

The assumption that because I have a twin sister we naturally would do everything and anything at the same time and together. This would include:

  • travel together whenever one or the other is leaving the country

  • get married at the same time or around about the same time due to the pure fact that one of us has taken the big plunge and naturally the other should jump into the exact same life long commitment

  • have babies together because this would be another logical assumption

  • wear the same clothes because surely twins don't have different likes or personalities

  • keep the same hairstyles due to the above

  • Listen to the same music and enjoy the same foods

  • and so many other idiotic assumptions that have been thrown at me during my life

    Yes! We are twins. But have people failed to notice that we are not in fact, Siamese Twins. Somewhere connected by a limb???? I mentioned to someone the other day that my sister was married and there stupid response was, "Did you get married too"????

Call me impatient and grumpy, but I just don't have time for such stupid questions like that?? "Did you get married too?" I mean, come one, really???

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Twin Speak...What are your faults???

Frankie: So I have been told today that a fault of mine is, 'holding grudges'? The topic came about because my supposed best friend forgot to call me on my Birthday...

She called me 4 weeks later and left a message on my mobile apologising for not calling in a while, no mention of the Birthday mind, and how she has had a lot on blah, blah.

I did get rather annoyed and upset because I had been supporting her through her recent relationship woes, being there for her during her new career and subsequent career dramas and her then supporting her during a new whirlwind relationship that has taken much of her time.

So yes, I did get frustrated when she neglected to call and still hasn't even remembered I'm sure.

A work mate asked if I had spoken or called her yet and I explained that I hadn't called her and thought to wait until she bothered to call and actually speak to me and not just leave a message on my phone.

My work mate jokingly stated that I was being harsh on her and that perhaps she had a lot on her plate. And perhaps I should 'let it go' and not let it affect the friendship.

Well you know what??? I have had heaps on my plate too?? I didn't forget her Birthday. And where the hell is my support during my tough times?? I actually really don't care if I am being too harsh and perhaps this highlights the fact of how I value my friends and loyalty I suppose.

She's devoted all her time to her new boyfriend. That's fine with me because I'm not a super dependant friend and need 110% of her time. But the least I had expected was a simple call, card whatever and maybe even a, "So, what's been happening in your life lately". Instead of the conversation revolving around her new job, man and life events??

I think I have justification to hold my little grudge. Can I not be upset with her and let her know??? Aren't I a little deserving of serving her up a nice plate of a 'guilt laden cold shoulder'???

Call me a grouch then because, so be it...I HOLD GRUDGES!!!!!

So....what are everyone else's 'so called' faults??

Twin excuses hold you back??

So Bella and the rest of my family boarded a plane this morning to visit my grandmother who has fallen ill. She lives in Indonesia and has had bad health since her first stroke. I unfortunately couldn't go. The reason of course, insufficient funds...

Frankie: The story of my life. More so recently however. But it got me thinking, that one way or another, my circumstances have led to a common response of, "I can't afford it" whenever a good opportunity presents itself.

I'm so tired of it. Our financial situation, my partner and I, has been tough the last couple of years. But 'that' excuse has become so second nature that I think sometimes, I don't even think if the 'opportunity' could maybe be possible. I just say it now because most of the time it is true.

Like visiting my Grandma for example. I couldn't afford the plane ticket or time off work without pay. I was disappointed with myself. Disappointed that I didn't forecast or have a back up plan for situations like these. It hasn't been a secret that my grandma's health has been worsening. So why did I not plan for it. Did I have too much on, did I have too many other things to try and plan, or did I just have too many other excuses holding me back???

I suppose you need to get disappointed every now and then to know what you need to fix. But could this disappointment be a life regret?

How many excuses can you think of that you might grasp as a scapegoat. Excuses that we find ourselves comforting into? While some excuses are in fact, 'a fact' and can't be prevented, some are just a comfort zone. Something we say, because was have become so accustomed to it without giving it a second thought. Some, highlight things that we want to change but never convicted to? So, do you have any? How many? And if not, how did you ensure that excuses didn't hold you back?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Twin Speak...Blogging! What's in it for you?

With Bella MIA for a little while, I thought to contribute to our blog since I've been slightly MIA myself unfortunately due to work commitments.

As I started contemplating what to type, I came up stumped with ideas and asked my partner a good topic to write about. He asked me what I was writing? And I explained to him about our blog. 'What's a blog' he asks me. So I begin explaining the concept of a blog, and as I do, I can see the confusion spread across his face.

You see, my partner mainly uses the convenience of the computer for either Internet banking or eBay. He really couldn't understand the concept of a blog. He asked me all these questions about, 'why do we write to strangers', 'why comment on strangers blogs', 'why is it called a blog', 'why would anyone want to read my blog'. And I suppose I couldn't really answer these questions.

I don't know why to any of it. And as I started thinking about it, it did end up sounding a little bizarre. But I don't know??? I've always been intrigued about the whole idea of blogging.

I used to have pen pals. Many of them. I remember getting so excited when a letter would arrive and guess which pen pal had sent it. Of course the stamp would give it away. But when I discovered blogging it was a whole new thing for me. The replies would be instant. Well, most of the time :) But it was like instant gratification.

I loved blogging and reading other peoples lives. I tried to explain this to him but yet again, he still looked dumbfounded. I suppose you have two different kinds of people. One that likes exploring and curiously delving into other peoples stories and one that can't understand why you would want to get to know a stranger you have never met on the other side of the world. For me, it's a fascination. Learning about how, where and what another person does with their life.

So this is what I get out of blogging?? How about you??