Sunday, February 8, 2009

Twin excuses hold you back??

So Bella and the rest of my family boarded a plane this morning to visit my grandmother who has fallen ill. She lives in Indonesia and has had bad health since her first stroke. I unfortunately couldn't go. The reason of course, insufficient funds...

Frankie: The story of my life. More so recently however. But it got me thinking, that one way or another, my circumstances have led to a common response of, "I can't afford it" whenever a good opportunity presents itself.

I'm so tired of it. Our financial situation, my partner and I, has been tough the last couple of years. But 'that' excuse has become so second nature that I think sometimes, I don't even think if the 'opportunity' could maybe be possible. I just say it now because most of the time it is true.

Like visiting my Grandma for example. I couldn't afford the plane ticket or time off work without pay. I was disappointed with myself. Disappointed that I didn't forecast or have a back up plan for situations like these. It hasn't been a secret that my grandma's health has been worsening. So why did I not plan for it. Did I have too much on, did I have too many other things to try and plan, or did I just have too many other excuses holding me back???

I suppose you need to get disappointed every now and then to know what you need to fix. But could this disappointment be a life regret?

How many excuses can you think of that you might grasp as a scapegoat. Excuses that we find ourselves comforting into? While some excuses are in fact, 'a fact' and can't be prevented, some are just a comfort zone. Something we say, because was have become so accustomed to it without giving it a second thought. Some, highlight things that we want to change but never convicted to? So, do you have any? How many? And if not, how did you ensure that excuses didn't hold you back?