Friday, May 14, 2010

Twin Speak: A New Monthly Feature - Love it or Leave it

Love it or Leave it will be our monthly twin review on all things life, love and more. Even though we're twins we often have very different opinions about things we love and things we hate. Each month we hope to bring you a a new product, activity, social outing, trend or issue which we will either Love or Leave it!

Bella: I have a bit of a habit of becoming obsessed with a new product, trend or activity only to loose interest in that said habit a few months later. The advantage of this is that I'm always trying out new things! Frankie and I thought why not use our flighty, indecisive attitudes to our advantage and start rating these obsessions for the benefit of all who read our blog. (We know there must be thousands who could benefit) :)

So this month we thought we'd both rate our recent obsession with a new iPhone app we have called Words With Friends. Now if you're like us and you know of this product, you might also be slightly obsessed with it. I've been using this application non stop for close to two weeks. My workload is piling up and don't even try speaking to me unless it's via the chat feature in the app as well. I've had to change the screen protector several times due to the amount of food I've spilt on it as I can barely take my eyes from the screen while I eat. This little game is fun, addictive and easy. It's Scrabble for your iPhone! You can play it with friends who have iPhone and also have this app. You can play random opponents or you can even play a game directly from your phone and pass and play to others in the same room.

I LOVE this app and can't get enough and I highly recommend it to anyone else who has an iPhone. Leave it?? I don't think so!

Frankie: I too can get a bit obsessed with things and this time is no exception. I am a self confessed 'Words with Friends' junkie.

I first started battling it out with friends but when that didn't satisfy my need to scrabble...I turned to random strangers and am now srabbling it out with two strangers.

I love the feeling you get when you get a top point score, or when you manage to use those hard letters like 'X' or 'Z' or even better when you manage to make a word combo using an 'X' or 'Z' on a TRIPLE WORD SCORE. Oh god...I'm getting a little excited now just thinking about that.

So summing up... I would have to 'Love it, Love it, Love it'.
If you have an iphone and don't have this addictive little it now!!!!