Friday, May 21, 2010

Ok...WTF is wrong with the Olypmic 2012 Designers??

The question has to be asked- What the hell is wrong with the creative team for the 2012 London Olympics! Are these guys on acid or am I seriously not seeing something here that they are?!?

Bella: Ok, being in the design industry myself, I'm usually quite open to anything design related. I like to keep an open mind, consider new and fresh design ideas and concepts and often find inspiration from designers or styles outside of my own creative sphere. HOWEVER...I am absolutely floored by the design concepts that have been put forward and then APPROVED for the 2012 London Olympics.

First was the release of their abysmal 2012 Olympics logo! Words fail me as to how shit I think this logo is. I mean...I've seen abstract...but this is just poo on paper or website or wherever this crappy logo happens to be adorned. I can't believe someone got PAID to design this. And millions of people felt the same. Below are just some variations of how this logo has been interpreted.

The original Logo

And then some variations....

But now, the Olympics committee has released the new mascots for the games, Wenlock and Mandeville. Ok firstly...their much?? What kind of names are these?!? Now as to how they look....they're just plain creepy! I sure as hell wouldn't want anything emblazoned with these weirdo mascots on it. I mean...I don't know if the picture below portrays just how.....CRAP they are.

This is actually part of the official release from the committee:

"Two parts-Pokemon to one-part lava lamp with yellow 'Taxi' lights on their foreheads, the distinctive characters are intended to capture the imagination of children and work as well in the digital world as they will in costume form at trackside in 2012.

They are a central part of London's £70 million merchandising budget, and organisers hope the mascots will contribute up to 20 per cent of that sum through sales of T-shirts, key-rings, tea-towels and the like.

The Cyclops design allows the mascots' eyes to work as lenses, and digital cameras in the shape of the characters will be available."

HUH?! These don't look like Pokemons. They look like some pretty scary, deranged blobs things that don't really look like anything at all. Maybe deformed Teletubbies? And 'Taxi' lights?? Yeah......ok...I can really see the relevance there...NOT! And £70 million!!! What a waste of money!! 20 per cent to be contributed by these creepy characters through sales of merchandise?? I don't think so! I wouldn't want these guys on my toilet paper. Oh god, hand me a crayon and some play-do and I'll have a better looking logo and Mascots in no time!

Well that's my rant over. But I really think that maybe I'm in the wrong design job here. Maybe I'm setting my heights just a little too high?