Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Twin Speak...The Human Parrot!

When it comes to people repeating themselves I can get slightly irritated. Human Parrots!!! Parroting and repeating themselves all day long...

Frankie: My partner's mum, Susan, has this habit of repeating herself or repeating what someone else says ALL THE TIME!!!

We had a get-together lunch the other day. We had steak, prawns, rice and salad. It was all very nice and everyone commented on the delicious spread, especially Susan. That's right! I shit you not...she repeated herself 7 unbearable times that the salad was lovely!!! "This salad is lovely, it goes great when you mix it with rice!" And just in case you didn't catch it, "This salad is lovely, it goes great when you mix it with rice!"

In the space of 20 minutes, she repeated at separate occasions the above phrase. It was ridiculous!!! What possesses a person to act like a parrot and repeat themselves that many times. Now, before you think of me as some cruel hearted person, she's not old, so it is not Alzheimer's. She is not mentally unstable. So WHY must she always repeat herself.

It drives me insane. After the 5th time she said it, I started praying that it was the last time I was going to hear how fucking fantastic the salad was. But no, I was lucky enough to hear it a 6th time and the 7th time, I involuntarily dropped my fork in frustration.

Her another annoying habit is repeating what another person says. For example, we were all gathered at my partner's sister's house, we were all about to eat and the sister says, "everybody help themselves and start eating", and then on queue, Sally repeats, "everybody help themselves and start eating". Umm, hello, is there an echo in the room. Didn't someone just say that...

God, it's so annoying. I really try, I really do...but I just can't find a way ignore this one annoying habit!!!

Bella: I also find it annoying when people repeat themselves but not in the same sense as Frankie. I don't mind so much when someone repeats what they say in direct conversation with you. My husband's a bit of a ramble talker and often repeats himself or goes over small details in his conversation to get a point across.

What annoys me is when people constantly say and repeat what they are going to do, achieve, get to, over and over again. I don't think there is a character trait that annoys me more than....procrastinating!

I think I feel so strongly about it because at the moment I work in an environment where my superior is a bit of a procrastinator. I feel like we are forever having these endless meetings to discuss, discuss, discuss but we NEVER put into action anything we discuss. It shits me to tears! I get so over talking about things and I just want to do it. I am the kind of person where I will say what I'm going to do and then do it! Sometimes I just want to shake people by the shoulders when I here them saying about their life that they just didn't get round to it...or I was gonna do this and I was gonna do that. I just want to yell in their face "Suck it UP and get on with it!!".

Yeah..that annoys me a bit :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weird and Wonderful Weather

I arrived to work this morning to view these amazing pictures displayed on a news report online.

Sydney's Walsh Bay covered with dust.

Dust storm blankets Sydney. Two lone walkers on the beach.

Sydney's Bondi Beach

Red Sky

Bella: These images are of Sydney, Australia being covered in an amazing red dust storm. It's not everyday that a phenomenal natural occurrence like this happens and I found these images simply breathtaking. Almost apocalyptic but thankfully no harm done other than poor visibility in the city and a blanket layer of red dust over Sydney.

When I view images like this of the natural wonders happening around us it always makes me stop and appreciate the power of the world we live in. Unfortunately not all natural weather events like this are harmless as we know but I'm still awed by it's magnificence.