Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Twin Speak: Your Dream Career

We all grow up dreaming to be about a hundred different things when we are kids. More often than not we end up becoming something completely different to what we initially wished for. Of course there's the lucky few who know exactly what it is they want to do and know exactly how to go about getting it. So what were a few of your dream careers?

Bella: I got thinking about this topic while watching the Australian Tennis Open this evening. I was watching Rafael Nadal in a match and thinking that if it wasn't for the 42 degree heat, he probably wouldn't even be breaking a sweat. This guy was born to play tennis! It made me wonder about some of the things that I used to wish doing for a career. I couldn't help but wonder; what if I had had an epiphany at 5 years old that made me realise exactly what it was that I should be? What if I knew and I had all the resolve in the world to pursue this dream until I achieved it? What career could I possibly be doing today? But like a lot of people, I changed my mind almost monthly about what I aspired to finally be doing when I 'grew up'. I've changed jobs and career paths quite a few times so far and even though I'm very happy in what I do now....I sometimes wonder what else could be out there for me. Here are some of the careers I have wanted to pursue in my life:

  • Psychologist
  • Travel Writer
  • Photographer
  • Chef
  • Actress
  • Event Planner
  • Librarian
  • Advertiser
  • Small business owner (of numerous weird and wonderful ideas)
  • Dancer
  • And the list goes on....

Frankie: I had a dream....a dream, to be a 'Chocolate Taster'...

I had many aspirations when I was younger. It's funny how, when you're younger you have all these crazy ideas of what you would like to do with your life, but then as you get older, this 'optimism', sort of just vanishes. And then, we're just left with more, practical and 'realistic' goals. Why don't we keep that young mind set in our lives just a bit longer. I think that's what we need more of...some reckless abandon in our lives to instill some fresh ideas and hope!!! Life's too serious.

So my dreams were...

  • Own my own magazine publication called 'Yazz' (I even did a mock up edition)
  • Hairdresser
  • Part-Time photographer
  • Own a hand made card and stationery store
  • Be an inventor (Of what, I wasn't sure :)
  • And more recently, I have been dreaming about the idea of going into business with the family and becoming a designer of classic apparel.
  • Oh, and of course, I have wanted to open an exquisite 'Chocolate' Store for fine lovers of chocolate...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Twin Speak...Cubicle Horrors!

After a current office location move, I was quite excited to be getting a brand spanking new cubicle I was told...

When I finally arrived to my little area I was somewhat disappointed to find that I was tucked away in a little corner, away from people and any hint of natural light. Not too mention, me being completely surrounded by four walls of some sort. I had a storage unit above my head, a wall behind me, a partition in front of me and a stationery cupboard that opens right next to me. I was literally boxed in. I felt a little depressed to say the least in my new 'cubicle'!!

However, after some clever rearranging and shifting of furniture, I managed to turn my space around into my own little area. And after searching the web for some funky decor ideas, I came across a couple of images that we from the winners, that's right winners, of the "Worst Cubicles in the World". :) Hence to say I don't feel so bad after all :)

I thought I had it bad when I saw my cubicle.

However, it was nothing compared to this guy with his, loose and live cabling and ply wood desk, complete with saw dust??

This next space is something I imagine for all those Telemarketers that call you late in the evenings.

Complete with their own Persian Rug.

And finally, the worst one of them all in my opinion.

Talk about no natural light and, who needs room.

Elbow and leg room is so overrated wouldn't you say??

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Twin Speak..."Why Bother..."

Another round of recruitment and this has yet again made me ask…"Why Bother" applying if you are not going to read the fine details of an application. I didn’t think it that hard to understand what, "You must address a Selection Criteria" meant?? However, people are still finding it challenging to send me a resume with a brief description of how they best meet the criteria.


Anyway, here are some great time wasters that came my way today

  • I sent a Position Description for the role to an applicant that clearly stated, ‘Administration Officer Position’. The email I received from an applicant was, "I am sorry I didn’t realize what the role was before I applied. I am only looking for admin work. Please call me when you have an admin role". Yep, I’ll make it top of my priority list you spaz. So, in the meantime, shall I just withdraw you application for our admin role?????

  • Our ad stated to write a brief page addressing the Selection Criteria. Another great application sent me this email, "Please find my resume attached. I don’t know what you want me to do with the Selection thingy. I hope to get an interview shortly." Sure, sure…you were short listed as number 1 freak???

  • Another person sent me the Position description back, signing the back page that states that they ‘accept’ the position, along with certain sections of the PD highlighted, indicating I assume, the areas that they are competent in??? OK, but I am not sure what they plan on doing for the other 10 paragraphs not highlighted???

  • A winner of an applicant felt the need to call me up and ask me what the role is, does and who are we??? Mind you, this was after the fact of me sending this person extra details about the role, plus the Position Description, plus our website to research???? If you still don’t know what the role is or what company your applying with after all that information then, maybe you’re just not that interested? Hmmm…what do you think?

  • And finally, I had another prize winning applicant call to ask me if she would get the position. After a slight befuddled pause I asked her what she means, which she then proceeds to tell me that she has, "Never worked before except in a fish and chip shop when she was 14, has never done any Admin role before but has gone to university to study hospitality. Yep, well why didn’t you mention that before. You've got no experience relating to the role but you’ve been to college. Sure, you’ve got the job honey!!!

So, has anyone else asked themselves..."Why Bother??

Monday, January 19, 2009

Twin Speak: Possibly the worst fashion statement...EVER

Ok, I hope none of you have a pair of these jeans and if you do, we're really really sorry...because these have to be the worst, the tackiest, the ugliest fashion statement to have ever been created!

Bella: My verdict's in and I would rather strut around naked than be caught dead in a pair of these. I am an avid lover of jeans. I have more jeans than I can count in more colours than would ever be required, in more styles than necessary but these are certainly a pair that I will NOT be adding to my collection.

The designer of these must have never heard the term "Too much information". Dressing for every occasion has now been taken to the next level. To be honest I can't believe I am even seeing this on a catwalk. Never in my life could I have imagined fashion would degrade to this level. They are hideous!!!!

Sorry, but I do feel strongly about how terrible these are and I can only imagine the millions of parents to teenager daughters who are now cringing and thinking about locking their kids up until these things are taken off the market.

Thoughts?? Frankie??

Hmmm...well I too am an avid lover of jeans however, I dare say I will be steering clear of this atrocious pair.

I hope nobody reading this has gone out and splurged on a pair however if so, I hope no offence is taken. But I have to say, the second I saw these jeans, the first thing that came to mind was...the latest hideous trend for the local hooker community.

I would not be caught dead in these dignity diminishing jeans and would most probably disown any friend that walked out into public with them on. Harsh you say??? Maybe, but after all, it will be for the Common Good of all :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Birthday gone...

Bella and I celebrated our 28th Birthday yesterday. It was a quite affair with the family. A nice dinner and then a late night movie. We chose a comedy as we thought that this would lift the spirits. And then I thought to myself this morning, why would we need lifting of the spirits on our Birthday?

Frankie: It should be a joyous occasion in itself. And then I started to fear that I had turned into one of those Birthday Loathers? A person who dwells on an approaching Birthday and then belittles it when it arrives. Moping that the years are passing us by and reminiscing on the younger years.

I don’t want to be like that!! Time has moved fast and I can clearly remember the time when I dreamt of turning 18. Turning 18, so I could go out and party, legally, and do adult things. But after that big 18, the years flew by and I can barely separate or distinctly remember the Birthdays between the years.

I’m still in my 20’s. Yes the late 20’s, and so what!! I don’t want to dwell on what could have been, what is or what I’m not happy with. I don’t want the attitude of, “another year of things I didn’t accomplish”. I am going to do the things I plan and set out to do and if I’m not happy with something, I will not let it bring me down. I won’t spare a negative thought on it, but instead positive thought on how I can change it!!!

I have much to experience and plenty time to do it. I have always believed you are as old as you feel. And you will always have the whole rest of your life to do or be what you want. No matter what age and at any age...

Bella: Hmmm Frankie, good topic...I wonder secretly if your post was inspired for me? :) I mostly agree with what you're saying. I've never been the type of person who doesn't like telling people how old I am or secrectly wishing away the day so know one will know. Birthday's to me signify another year of knowledge, experience and life gained.

Yesterday though, I just wasn't feeling it. I don't know why I just wasn't. And I think of all the days, your birthday is one day where you can sulk and mope if you want to. Maybe it's that I got up early and went to the gym when I really didn't feel like it. Or maybe it was that I had to go to work. Or maybe it was that I was really, really hoping for something but I didn't get it. (not to sound ungrateful for my gifts cause I am grateful, but I had one little guilty moment of disappointment). Maybe it was just the usual flurry of last minute planning and organising for something to do from the family which made me feel a bit of an afterthought. Anyway water it was I was just a bit down.

BUT..I'm over it now! I don't mope long or often. I'm happy to be 28 and happy for everything that I have in life and for what I achieved in the year gone.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Twin Speak: Current events!

Frankie: I have heard of several recent dog attacks within the past month in our local and surrounding area. Of course, with incidents like these, where people are at risk and have been attacked there is the steady flow of opinions and comments provided by the local people.

As two of the recent attacks involved Rottweilers, one very common comment I noticed, was the belief that all large breed dogs should be banned as a permitted household pets.

Now I would be very upset should the above comment ever, one day eventuate. I agree that all dog owners should take proper and stringent precautions with their dog/s, especially large dog owners. However, does anyone else think it an extreme to make a call to ban all large breed dogs?? I have come across aggressive small dogs before. However the argument is that larger dogs can do more damage with their jaw size. Ok, true, yes ,they can. However, how many small dog attacks do we not hear about, only because it was a small bite. Small dogs can also be vicious.

I own a Rottweiler. He has never attacked any person or dog before. In saying that, we are very cautious owners. We ensure our property is fully fenced and protected, we have warning signs posted on our fence and we take proper measures when walking our dog. But at the end of the day, our pets are in fact, animals, and animals have animal tendencies. I don't want to get into a justification of large dog breed rights. I just wanted to point out that there are some nice dogs out there still. Mine is one of them :) But also, to not forget that dogs are dogs. And owners really reign the responsibility in my opinion.

Now, I would like to introduce you to my little baby, Sumo. I love him dearly. He is a pure bred rotti, who loves the beach, walks in the park and hates the vacuum cleaner. He will drool all over you, if you even think about eating anything in front of him. He loves people as you can see.

If this banning one day occurred, I would not be able to own dogs such as my Sumo because of other owners who may have been reckless. In the question of big dogs, and any dog that may be dominant and aggressive for that matter; I strongly believe that owners achieve certain requirements, training and tests before owning a dog of this kind.

I could not imagine what my daily life would be like without Sumo. And it makes me sad to think that because of a few exceptions, I may not be able to own another Rottweiler in years to come.

Monday, January 12, 2009

First Day Back...Aaaahhhhh

Frankie: It's my first day back at work...and what absolute torture.

It is so much worse than what I imagined.

Time has stopped!!

I swear...once, the minute hand actually started to click anti-clockwise.

My email box is 250 full and my inbox has mulitplied by two boxes??

The end does not seem is dragging on terribly....arrrrrghh!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Twin Speak...It's off to work we go...

With Christmas holidays well and truly over and with everyone getting back into the swing of things, we can't help but look back over the crazy festive season.

Frankie: I've been lucky enough to have had a fruitful month off. And of course with all extended time off the dread of having to return to normality has started to sink in. However, I must say that after today's last bout of a shopping expedition with Bella I dare say that normalcy and quiet is maybe just the thing for me. After having to fight off some seriously crazed shoppers I have had the pleasure of experiencing the following nutbag incidents.

1. A boyfriend clearly frustrated with his girlfriends ongoing shopping activities during a shoe store visit, the boyfriend decides to take a seat to relieve exhaustion but fails to notice that he practically sits on me, as I am trying on shoes, with his big fat ass. No apology noted.

2. Frantic mayhem breaks lose at major department store due to mothers trying to buy last minute Christmas decorations for next year's tree display. In the haste of things a mother pushes pram into my ankle as she sprints to get into the shortest register queue with no less than 15 people in it.

3. After a busy morning of shopping Bella and I decide to top up our sustenance with some hard earned food only to have a greedy, enraged lady yell at the Japanese restaurant lady, screaming, "I'm next, that's my food, my food, I'm next..." as she clenches her ticket number 75 and pushes me out of the way and my ticket number 62?

Bella: And here I thought we were in a world economic crisis with everyone heading towards recession and yet I still can't get over how busy this festive season seemed. Everyday just seemed to get busier and busier and whenver I ventured out into the world from the safety of my couch it was always a battle to compete with the never ending tourists and holiday makers.

Numerous times traffic came to a standstill on the motorway. I thought it was due to an accident however soon it became apparent it was just the hundreds of cars trying to take the exit to get to the two fun parks on the other side of the motorway! I'm talking hundreds of cars, with screaming kids in them, waiting in a queues for hours just to get to the carpark!! I have admiration for these committed parents.

Shopping was an absolute nightmare and more than a few times I was close to hyperventilating and passing out. There was never a quite day to be had and the sheer amounts of money being spent told me that there was either no economic crisis or some really reall big credit card bills on the way. On the same day Frankie and I went out shopping, a lady practically took a pair of shoes out of my hands while asking where I got them from. She was very persistent and because of that, I bought the shoes even if I didn't really want them that much..haha.

Sometimes, these crazy holiday times can bring out the worst in us. But all in all, I still enjoyed my break :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Twin Speak...Twilight!

Frankie: A little late on the bandwagon but sure enough both Bella and I have watched the much anticipated film, Twilight. I enjoyed it, however not as much as Bella who is now completely infatuated with Edward and Robert Pattinson in general. She is now embarking on reading the entire book series and has purchased the whole set to avoid stock shortage disappointment.

As I witness Bella fall evermore into her haze of celebrity infatuation I ask myself, have I ever gotten so caught up in a person or character to the point of obsession. Why do we find ourselves doing this?? Day dreaming about a person, their character, how they are, where they might be??? Are we so curious about this person and feel drawn to their story because of some hyped up media frenzy, publicity blitz that makes them seem so perfect, dreamy without any possible flaws?

Has anyone else become infatuated with a long time idol?? Did it subside, who was it and how did you feel on self reflection?