Thursday, January 22, 2009

Twin Speak...Cubicle Horrors!

After a current office location move, I was quite excited to be getting a brand spanking new cubicle I was told...

When I finally arrived to my little area I was somewhat disappointed to find that I was tucked away in a little corner, away from people and any hint of natural light. Not too mention, me being completely surrounded by four walls of some sort. I had a storage unit above my head, a wall behind me, a partition in front of me and a stationery cupboard that opens right next to me. I was literally boxed in. I felt a little depressed to say the least in my new 'cubicle'!!

However, after some clever rearranging and shifting of furniture, I managed to turn my space around into my own little area. And after searching the web for some funky decor ideas, I came across a couple of images that we from the winners, that's right winners, of the "Worst Cubicles in the World". :) Hence to say I don't feel so bad after all :)

I thought I had it bad when I saw my cubicle.

However, it was nothing compared to this guy with his, loose and live cabling and ply wood desk, complete with saw dust??

This next space is something I imagine for all those Telemarketers that call you late in the evenings.

Complete with their own Persian Rug.

And finally, the worst one of them all in my opinion.

Talk about no natural light and, who needs room.

Elbow and leg room is so overrated wouldn't you say??


sassy stephanie said...

Seriously, cubicles are so depressing, they should be outlawed.

carmar76 said...

I love my cubbie! It's got short walls so I can see everyone, it's rather large, and there's a table btwn me & my pod-mate. : ) And I sit right by windows. But before I "won the cubbie lotto" I was in a box similar to what you described!