Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Twin Speak..."Why Bother..."

Another round of recruitment and this has yet again made me ask…"Why Bother" applying if you are not going to read the fine details of an application. I didn’t think it that hard to understand what, "You must address a Selection Criteria" meant?? However, people are still finding it challenging to send me a resume with a brief description of how they best meet the criteria.


Anyway, here are some great time wasters that came my way today

  • I sent a Position Description for the role to an applicant that clearly stated, ‘Administration Officer Position’. The email I received from an applicant was, "I am sorry I didn’t realize what the role was before I applied. I am only looking for admin work. Please call me when you have an admin role". Yep, I’ll make it top of my priority list you spaz. So, in the meantime, shall I just withdraw you application for our admin role?????

  • Our ad stated to write a brief page addressing the Selection Criteria. Another great application sent me this email, "Please find my resume attached. I don’t know what you want me to do with the Selection thingy. I hope to get an interview shortly." Sure, sure…you were short listed as number 1 freak???

  • Another person sent me the Position description back, signing the back page that states that they ‘accept’ the position, along with certain sections of the PD highlighted, indicating I assume, the areas that they are competent in??? OK, but I am not sure what they plan on doing for the other 10 paragraphs not highlighted???

  • A winner of an applicant felt the need to call me up and ask me what the role is, does and who are we??? Mind you, this was after the fact of me sending this person extra details about the role, plus the Position Description, plus our website to research???? If you still don’t know what the role is or what company your applying with after all that information then, maybe you’re just not that interested? Hmmm…what do you think?

  • And finally, I had another prize winning applicant call to ask me if she would get the position. After a slight befuddled pause I asked her what she means, which she then proceeds to tell me that she has, "Never worked before except in a fish and chip shop when she was 14, has never done any Admin role before but has gone to university to study hospitality. Yep, well why didn’t you mention that before. You've got no experience relating to the role but you’ve been to college. Sure, you’ve got the job honey!!!

So, has anyone else asked themselves..."Why Bother??


Pam said...

How funny! I love reading these kinds of things.