Monday, January 19, 2009

Twin Speak: Possibly the worst fashion statement...EVER

Ok, I hope none of you have a pair of these jeans and if you do, we're really really sorry...because these have to be the worst, the tackiest, the ugliest fashion statement to have ever been created!

Bella: My verdict's in and I would rather strut around naked than be caught dead in a pair of these. I am an avid lover of jeans. I have more jeans than I can count in more colours than would ever be required, in more styles than necessary but these are certainly a pair that I will NOT be adding to my collection.

The designer of these must have never heard the term "Too much information". Dressing for every occasion has now been taken to the next level. To be honest I can't believe I am even seeing this on a catwalk. Never in my life could I have imagined fashion would degrade to this level. They are hideous!!!!

Sorry, but I do feel strongly about how terrible these are and I can only imagine the millions of parents to teenager daughters who are now cringing and thinking about locking their kids up until these things are taken off the market.

Thoughts?? Frankie??

Hmmm...well I too am an avid lover of jeans however, I dare say I will be steering clear of this atrocious pair.

I hope nobody reading this has gone out and splurged on a pair however if so, I hope no offence is taken. But I have to say, the second I saw these jeans, the first thing that came to mind was...the latest hideous trend for the local hooker community.

I would not be caught dead in these dignity diminishing jeans and would most probably disown any friend that walked out into public with them on. Harsh you say??? Maybe, but after all, it will be for the Common Good of all :)


Pam said...

Oh, please don't let my daughter (the one who dresses trashy) see these.