Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Book Club...

Recently, Bella and I started a book club. We love our books and thankfully found some friends who also share a strong interest in reading. Well, after our second meeting we realized that nearly all avid readers, have one way or another had a life altering book experience or have an absolute favourite book that would be on the top of a “Things I would take with me in a house fire’ list.

So we thought we would share with you our all time favourite book and why..

Frankie: The Bronze Horseman – Paullina Simons

I fell in love with the characters of this war/love epic. Now, normally I would not have picked this book up. For two reasons, I am not a love story fan and I find war novels depressing. The age old adage, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ prevented me from ever picking up this goodie. But thankfully I did. I was so engrossed by the story of these two love struck kids during the tragedy of war that I began to wonder…”Is there really love like that out there??”

I love this book for two reason:

1. The story, hardship and triumphs of these two characters was heartwarming

2. It opened my eyes to 2 whole new genres and let me be more open minded with my book choices

And best of all this series is a Trilogy :)

Bella: The Bronze Horseman – Paullina Simons

Yes. We actually do both have the same all time favourite book. The only difference being that this would not be on the top of my "thing to take in a house fire" list because Frankie actually has my copy :) And I'm still waiting for it's return...ahem...Frankie.

I loved this book like no other I've ever read. Pretty big statement I know. It was moving, emotional and deeply touching. If you haven't read this book you should. I think it was beautiful.