Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Procrastinating, excuses and just being lost in general

Oh my, yes we have definitely been lost in the blogoshpere of the last several months. How slack are we that we haven't put pen to paper (typing to screen) for 6 months!!

I'm not too bad when it comes to procrastinating. I pride myself on being someone that isn't what I call a 'gunna'. I'm gunna do this and I'm gunna do that and I'm gunna get round to it. I generally make up my mind to do something and then carry through. But...like everyone, I have certain passions which I am committed to and then I let other things fall by the wayside. Blogging would have to be one in the latter bunch. A few years ago, Frankie and I were so eager to start putting our daily random thoughts out there into the blogosphere. Not so much for other people to read but just so we had an outlet for all passions, thoughts, frustrations and loves. I go through phases where I feel I really need a place to vent to stop from going crazy. And then, I have times where I am just at peace with everything and happy to cruise along either way. Well I'm happy to say that life is good..but I have been getting that itching feeling that I need to outlet some of my creative, crazy, happy, sad emotions again. It also got me thinking about what else I have wanted to complete or do that I haven't yet gotten around to, made excuses for, procrastinated or just got lost in general.

Well there is:

  1. To learn another language; Indonesian (still a long goal in progress)

  2. To have regular book meets and discussions (It doesn't help that it's only me and Frankie in the club)

  3. Run a 10km run this year. (I'm currently training for this one....but it's going slowly)

  4. Learn how to sew and start making myself clothes (This one I'm kind of halfway..I can sew ok but don't want to wear anything I make)

  5. Clean out my cupboards (I admit it. I'm procrastinating this one)

Frankie:Well I will admit I am a procrastinator. Just getting to write this blog after such a long break was a bit of a mission for me.

I tend to not like doing the things that aren't fun...you know, like grocery shopping, cleaning, paying bills. The things we hate but are necessities in life. So I have decided to see how I can spruce up these mundane tasks so I can enjoy them more or not have them be the bane of my existence. So how am I going to accomplish this...

Tasks I hate to do but must...

  1. Grocery shopping. I hate it. I have said that I would rather be anorexic at times than go shopping. The mayhem, the squashy isles, the trolley in the ankles...it all just cause me great anxiety and grief. So one idea I have come up with to increase fun levels is to turn it into a game. Kind of like the 'Great amazing 'shopping' race'. So my shopping buddy and I will have certain time limits and challenges to accomplish during our shopping expedition that we must achieve in order to win the game. If we fail to achieve certain challenges during the game, we must forfeit one item from our trolley. So not only will this makes dull grocery shopping more exciting...it might also save us on our shopping bill :)

  2. The clean the house...again, another chore that really bores me. I can hardly pretend to like this. So what I have come up with here is to turn it into a exercise/cleaning session. Set the clock and go, go, go...get whatever I can get done in one hour and whatever falls out of my one hour exercise time, "Oh well??" Will just have to wait till next session :)

  3. Finally paying bills. Some of my bills are automatic and leave me with nothing to think about. But then there are other bills where I have to log in online, or phone bank or even worse...speak to a rep to organise payment. So what I have decided to do for this one is, call up all outstanding bill companies and speak in a really annoying voice and speak and 20 miles per hour and try and see which company I can annoy most?? I'll have to work on this one because I still think this would annoy me more??