Thursday, January 8, 2009

Twin Speak...It's off to work we go...

With Christmas holidays well and truly over and with everyone getting back into the swing of things, we can't help but look back over the crazy festive season.

Frankie: I've been lucky enough to have had a fruitful month off. And of course with all extended time off the dread of having to return to normality has started to sink in. However, I must say that after today's last bout of a shopping expedition with Bella I dare say that normalcy and quiet is maybe just the thing for me. After having to fight off some seriously crazed shoppers I have had the pleasure of experiencing the following nutbag incidents.

1. A boyfriend clearly frustrated with his girlfriends ongoing shopping activities during a shoe store visit, the boyfriend decides to take a seat to relieve exhaustion but fails to notice that he practically sits on me, as I am trying on shoes, with his big fat ass. No apology noted.

2. Frantic mayhem breaks lose at major department store due to mothers trying to buy last minute Christmas decorations for next year's tree display. In the haste of things a mother pushes pram into my ankle as she sprints to get into the shortest register queue with no less than 15 people in it.

3. After a busy morning of shopping Bella and I decide to top up our sustenance with some hard earned food only to have a greedy, enraged lady yell at the Japanese restaurant lady, screaming, "I'm next, that's my food, my food, I'm next..." as she clenches her ticket number 75 and pushes me out of the way and my ticket number 62?

Bella: And here I thought we were in a world economic crisis with everyone heading towards recession and yet I still can't get over how busy this festive season seemed. Everyday just seemed to get busier and busier and whenver I ventured out into the world from the safety of my couch it was always a battle to compete with the never ending tourists and holiday makers.

Numerous times traffic came to a standstill on the motorway. I thought it was due to an accident however soon it became apparent it was just the hundreds of cars trying to take the exit to get to the two fun parks on the other side of the motorway! I'm talking hundreds of cars, with screaming kids in them, waiting in a queues for hours just to get to the carpark!! I have admiration for these committed parents.

Shopping was an absolute nightmare and more than a few times I was close to hyperventilating and passing out. There was never a quite day to be had and the sheer amounts of money being spent told me that there was either no economic crisis or some really reall big credit card bills on the way. On the same day Frankie and I went out shopping, a lady practically took a pair of shoes out of my hands while asking where I got them from. She was very persistent and because of that, I bought the shoes even if I didn't really want them that much..haha.

Sometimes, these crazy holiday times can bring out the worst in us. But all in all, I still enjoyed my break :)