Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Twin Speak: Current events!

Frankie: I have heard of several recent dog attacks within the past month in our local and surrounding area. Of course, with incidents like these, where people are at risk and have been attacked there is the steady flow of opinions and comments provided by the local people.

As two of the recent attacks involved Rottweilers, one very common comment I noticed, was the belief that all large breed dogs should be banned as a permitted household pets.

Now I would be very upset should the above comment ever, one day eventuate. I agree that all dog owners should take proper and stringent precautions with their dog/s, especially large dog owners. However, does anyone else think it an extreme to make a call to ban all large breed dogs?? I have come across aggressive small dogs before. However the argument is that larger dogs can do more damage with their jaw size. Ok, true, yes ,they can. However, how many small dog attacks do we not hear about, only because it was a small bite. Small dogs can also be vicious.

I own a Rottweiler. He has never attacked any person or dog before. In saying that, we are very cautious owners. We ensure our property is fully fenced and protected, we have warning signs posted on our fence and we take proper measures when walking our dog. But at the end of the day, our pets are in fact, animals, and animals have animal tendencies. I don't want to get into a justification of large dog breed rights. I just wanted to point out that there are some nice dogs out there still. Mine is one of them :) But also, to not forget that dogs are dogs. And owners really reign the responsibility in my opinion.

Now, I would like to introduce you to my little baby, Sumo. I love him dearly. He is a pure bred rotti, who loves the beach, walks in the park and hates the vacuum cleaner. He will drool all over you, if you even think about eating anything in front of him. He loves people as you can see.

If this banning one day occurred, I would not be able to own dogs such as my Sumo because of other owners who may have been reckless. In the question of big dogs, and any dog that may be dominant and aggressive for that matter; I strongly believe that owners achieve certain requirements, training and tests before owning a dog of this kind.

I could not imagine what my daily life would be like without Sumo. And it makes me sad to think that because of a few exceptions, I may not be able to own another Rottweiler in years to come.


carmar76 said...

awww, sumo's cute!
you're totally right - it is the owner's responsibility to raise a well behaved pet. big dogs want to be good, they just have to be taught properly & not abused!

chellebelle said...

My neighbor has a small ankle biter that has bit my ankle.. she has to lock her up in a bedroom when anyone comes over.. to be fair, she is a vet tech and someone else treated this dog very badly before she saved her... It is all about how you train and treat any animal... or human for that matter!