Sunday, February 8, 2009

Twin Speak...What are your faults???

Frankie: So I have been told today that a fault of mine is, 'holding grudges'? The topic came about because my supposed best friend forgot to call me on my Birthday...

She called me 4 weeks later and left a message on my mobile apologising for not calling in a while, no mention of the Birthday mind, and how she has had a lot on blah, blah.

I did get rather annoyed and upset because I had been supporting her through her recent relationship woes, being there for her during her new career and subsequent career dramas and her then supporting her during a new whirlwind relationship that has taken much of her time.

So yes, I did get frustrated when she neglected to call and still hasn't even remembered I'm sure.

A work mate asked if I had spoken or called her yet and I explained that I hadn't called her and thought to wait until she bothered to call and actually speak to me and not just leave a message on my phone.

My work mate jokingly stated that I was being harsh on her and that perhaps she had a lot on her plate. And perhaps I should 'let it go' and not let it affect the friendship.

Well you know what??? I have had heaps on my plate too?? I didn't forget her Birthday. And where the hell is my support during my tough times?? I actually really don't care if I am being too harsh and perhaps this highlights the fact of how I value my friends and loyalty I suppose.

She's devoted all her time to her new boyfriend. That's fine with me because I'm not a super dependant friend and need 110% of her time. But the least I had expected was a simple call, card whatever and maybe even a, "So, what's been happening in your life lately". Instead of the conversation revolving around her new job, man and life events??

I think I have justification to hold my little grudge. Can I not be upset with her and let her know??? Aren't I a little deserving of serving her up a nice plate of a 'guilt laden cold shoulder'???

Call me a grouch then because, so be it...I HOLD GRUDGES!!!!!

So....what are everyone else's 'so called' faults??


Pam said...

I'm also a big time grudge holder. I can tell you every bad thing you've ever done to me, in detail.