Monday, February 9, 2009

Twin Speak...Annoyance #1

Frankie: So lately, I have been getting 'slightly' annoyed with many things in general. Be it a crazy, reckless driver, or a slow talker, maybe a slow walker, or even the slight tapping of my fellow cubicle dweller at the office...

Maybe my patience is dwindling and my ability to tolerate little annoyances have diminished. Or maybe, I'm just going through a pessimistic, negative, whiny stage in my life. Nevertheless, I decided to blog my annoyance each time I seem to experience one.

The annoyance that kicked started my annoyance blog would have to be...

Annoyance #1

The assumption that because I have a twin sister we naturally would do everything and anything at the same time and together. This would include:

  • travel together whenever one or the other is leaving the country

  • get married at the same time or around about the same time due to the pure fact that one of us has taken the big plunge and naturally the other should jump into the exact same life long commitment

  • have babies together because this would be another logical assumption

  • wear the same clothes because surely twins don't have different likes or personalities

  • keep the same hairstyles due to the above

  • Listen to the same music and enjoy the same foods

  • and so many other idiotic assumptions that have been thrown at me during my life

    Yes! We are twins. But have people failed to notice that we are not in fact, Siamese Twins. Somewhere connected by a limb???? I mentioned to someone the other day that my sister was married and there stupid response was, "Did you get married too"????

Call me impatient and grumpy, but I just don't have time for such stupid questions like that?? "Did you get married too?" I mean, come one, really???


carmar76 said...

My mum's a twin & they used to get that all the time when they were younger. And they've always had WAY different paths.