Friday, February 20, 2009

Twin Speak: Every Meeting Must Have a Seperation

A very much loved but distant relative passed away yesterday. Often in times of tragedy people find clarity and resolve. Small inconsequential things that used to plague you are seen in a new perspective due to the harsh realities of the situation before you.

I had an opportunity to visit my relative before her passing. She had been sick for a very long time and rapidly declined within the last few weeks. We all knew it was coming yet it is still hard to bear the news when it does come. From the time I spent with the other members of my family it made me realise how important these quality moments are. We supported each other through the uncertainty, we helped each other when we needed it and even with the dark cloud hanging over us, we made each other laugh when it counted most.

Even though I am sad I am most grateful that I have had the opportunity to realise this important life lesson. In my moment of clarity, it made me realise that perhaps it was time for me to seriously consider starting a family soon. One of the major reasons I went to be with my family was to support my Mother during this hard time for her. I want to give my mother the joy of having another family around her when she can't be with hers. But mostly I want to also have the support from my family when I need it in the future just like I supported my Mum.

Through the few hardships I've had over the years I've learned most importantly:
- Family is everything
- Always say how you feel and always tell your loved ones you love them everyday
- Never go to bed angry
- Never leave home bearing a grudge
- Life is too short

Frankie: We all come to a realisation when adversity hits us. It's a shame that we can not understand or realise what's important without something terrible happening.

The last time a loved one left us, I said to myself that I would always appreciate what I have and love the family around me. In time, I have slipped back into the old ways. I don't always appreciate what I have and I don't always treat my loved ones the best.

Again, I say to myself now, that I will value what is important, cherish my family and be kind. I will not go back.

I send my love and best wishes to my family and to our dearly departed.


carmar76 said...

Good lessons/things to remember. It's sad when it takes a loss to teach us this lesson, but once you learn it, the gratitude for it is amazing. Does that make sense? I hope so!

~ Denise ~ said...

May God grant you the blessings of peace, easy memories and space to grieve.