Friday, March 6, 2009

TwinSpeak: What are your comfort foods?

There are just some foods that make me all warm and gooey inside. Foods that I look forward to eating and just brighten my day. Foods that make me think, even though I've had a crappy day...knowing that it's there at home waiting for me just takes the edge off :)

Bella: For some, it may be just good old fashioned home cooking or to others it's the really guilty, naughty stuff that does it for them. Others might prefer exotic tastes and rare delights that get their happy factor up but whatever it is I think we all have our form of comfort foods. I love all food and it's hard for me to pick favourites but I definitely have my list of ultimate foods. Some of it may seem strange and some of it is just boring to others but for whatever reasons these are my comfort foods:

  • Chocolate chip cookies- But not just any chocolate chip cookie; Kmart Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookies. These cookies are the ultimate cookie. Jam packed with so many chocolate chips it's heavenly and decadent, hence the name. 90% choc chip, 10% cookie. These cookies are so jam packed in fact they should be renamed: Cookie chip cookies.
  • KFC- I know, I know...not the healthiest option but I'd run 4 hours on a treadmill any day just so I could have a bucket of yummy fried chicken.
  • Chocolate Mousse- One of my all time favourite desserts ever since I was a kid. There's no limit to how much I'll eat.
  • Creme Brulee- To me this is the ultimate dessert and one that demands respect. I won't overindulge on this one because I think it's so special you should only have it is small doses.
  • Omelet- I love a good old omelet and I often factor in an omelet for dinner at least once a fortnight. I load mine up with all the trimmings too...a Bella Spanish Omelet.
  • Satay & peanut sauce- One from my upbringing and Mum's famous home cooking of traditional Indonesian fare.
  • Paella- I love, love, love Paella
  • Crumpets- I don't know why but crumpets never fail to get my day off on a good start.
  • Warm crusty white bread- Getting a freshly baked warm loaf of crusty bread is one of my ultimate guiltily pleasures. I then love to smear butter over a slice and savour the goodness.
  • Macaroni & Cheese- I think Frankie and I are the same on this. Our favourite brand is Continental Mac & Cheese and it's the processed cheese type....Mmmm all that yellowy goodness.

Frankie: I have so many foods that I indulge in, but my all time favourites are:

  • Peanut-Butter and Chocolate Ice-Cream - I love ice-cream but this would have to be my all time favourite, with the big chunks of peanut-butter mixed in with chocolate. Yummy!
  • Chocolate and custard creme crepe - I was addicted to these for a brief time until my office moved to a remote location with no food spots. But I used to get these yummy warm crepes each and every day.
  • Hot Dog- Yep, I loooove a good ol' hot dog with cheese and mustard.
  • Macaroni & Cheese - It has to be the microwavable kind :) the one that has the powdered cheese sauce to mix
  • Corned-beef and rice - again, this has to be the corned beef in a can. That's right people, I eat food out of a can. I love eating this and would never get sick of it. Gag if you must!