Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Twin Speak- Good Intentions!

Friends who flake, cancel or just plain ignore you once they've made plans.

Frankie: Something that recently came to my attention, reminded me of one of my biggest pet peeves... 'People who say 'lets catch up' with absolutely no intentions of doing so??'

Is it just me, or does this happen to anyone else? Twice now, I have had two friends give me a call and state that they would love to catch up. One of the statements was a more casual comment however I said to her to give me a call as soon as she's free, because she had been busy every time I tried to organise something, and I would be keen as mustard to meet up. No call and its been a month?? Then she had the nerve to facebook me and say, 'So when are we catching up'...again she throws her empty promises out there.

With the second friend, we went as far as organising what we were going to order at the coffee shop practically, but come the day of meeting up, no call, no message, nothing, zip???

I give her a buzz and no answer? So, needless to say I was slightly pissed off. I was left with nothing to do on a glorious Sunday and I even turned down another offer because I thought we had plans. So no, no chocolate cake and mocha for me on Sunday. Not Happy!!!!

Why??? Why do people say these things with no intentions to follow through. And there we have the key words...'Follow Through'. Good intentions means jack unless you actually bother to put them into action.

Bella: Yes, I have a few friends like this as well. Actually from memory of one of our previous posts about pet peeves, people who flake after making plans is actually one of my top ones.

I actually make a great point of when I have commit ed to something I make sure that I carry through with it. If I accept a friend's invitation to do something I will 99% of the time follow through. Unless for some unforeseen circumstance, I will never cancel on someone I've committed to because I know how annoying and frustrating it is when someone does it to me. Also....If I've said yes to do something with someone, it's usually for good reason and that's because I enjoy that persons company!

I would much prefer and have more respect for someone if they were just honest and up front from the beginning. Without sounding too harsh, I understand that some people genuinely want to catch up and then due to things out of their control they can't. That's fine I understand that. It's the people who make plans and then constantly cancel on you or a few days before tell you that something's come up. Or the people that don't actually give you a definite answer and always put off committing until the very last minute, to then finally tell you that they can't make it. It's like they're waiting for a better option or just trying to psyche themselves up??


carmar76 said...

I hate when ppl say "let's do lunch" and they nothing ever materializes!! That is so frustrating! Trying to pin them down to an actual DATE and TIME, and then it makes you feel like they really don't want to hang out. I've decided if it's too much work I'm just not going to care. I have plenty of ppl to hang out with, to have to babysit someone else to get them to hang out... no thank you!

cw2smom said...

Hi Ladies! I am sorry I haven't been by in awhile! Always drama in my neck of the woods! Love this entry! Oh how I can relate! I absolutely try to follow through on plans I make, but have been known to flake a time or two, which has embarassed me to no end. I just feel awful and will try to promptly make amends. A friend and I going through this right now....I leave it up to her for the specific date and time as she's said "next week" and then next week comes and she doesn't make the date! I've found it's better to not have expectations of others and then I don't get my feelings hurt. However, specific plans? I'd be pissed too if I was sitting there waiting for a no show! I haven't ever done that to anyone that I am aware of and I hope I never do! Blessings, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Lol. Sounds like me!

Seriously. I'm faking it whenever I say "Have a nice day!"

Oops - I probably shouldn't have admitted that, huh?