Wednesday, March 18, 2009

TwinSpeak: Mid Week Update

Where has the week gone already?? It's already Wednesday which means it's only 2 days until the weekend!! But before we get ahead of ourselves we thought we'd fill you in on our week so far.

Bella: Today marks day 3 of my 10 day detox diet and I'm feeling pretty good. Day 1 went by without any hitches. I was only slightly wistful for my morning coffee but other than that I wasn't feeling any massive symptoms...yet. The restricted diet has been surprisingly easy for me to adapt to so far. I'm eating lots of fresh, raw vegetables,wholegrain carbs and protein in the form of tofu, lentils and beans. The biggest surprise for me was this morning when I made a soy banana smoothie, with natural yogurt a dash of honey and a spoon of oats. The soy milk was great!!! I didn't get that bloated yucky feeling I get after drinking a milk smoothie. I think I'm converted.

Day 2 though marked a new symptom. At first I thought maybe I was just imagining it. Just being a bit of a drama queen but 2pm I knew I truly had the dreaded detox headache. My brain vibrated at the drop of a pin and if I knelt down to pick it up it would explode!!! I was squinting all day to try and focus the pain away. I also had a few flu like symptoms which I also marked down to the the detox.

Day 3 and I'm feeling much better. I feel a little niggling head pain but nothing like yesterday. I'm not craving anything at the moment but it does get a bit tense when my work colleagues have their morning mochaccinos.

The supplements I have to take are all fine except one. There is a bitter digestive liquid that I have to drink 15 minutes before meals. This alone makes me not want to eat anything just so I don't have to drink it. It's vile, horrible, disgusting and makes me want to puke. Apparently the bitter taste kick starts the whole digestive process and prepares you for the food to come. My god is so bad. I've tried drinking it mixed in lots of water. Not good..that just makes the torture go longer. I've tried mixing it with a bit of juice. Also not good for me. I found there were just too many flavours to focus on all the while this bitter gross taste overpowering it all. It was too overwhelming. So no I mix the dose in about 30ml of water and shot it down. This works but still tastes very strong. Oh well the things we do?

Frankie: Yes well my week is not going as well as planned. In regards to my weekly challenge that is. I was suppose to go for coffee with the guy who asked me to go for coffee with him.

Well, I have so far failed my mission due to the fact that he has been MIA for the whole week. I won't be in the office on Thursday, so that leaves me only Friday now, to pluck up the courage and ask him for coffee??

Me thinks he is avoiding me now?