Friday, December 19, 2008

Twin Speak...not what you thought??

Have you ever written something off, thinking that's its not for you, however to your surprise you find out that you actually love it?

I try not to be quick to judge however in a recent situation I found that I indeed was. Literally speaking, I judged a book by it's cover. When the whole 'Harry Potter' blitz come out, I was so totally uninterested in reading, seeing or speaking about 'Harry Potter'. All the media attention and marketing mania put me completely off the whole deal. I refused to watch a movie and turned my nose up at the books.

However, I recently visited my friend who had the whole book collection. He lent me the first two and urged me to read them, telling me that I would enjoy them. I reluctantly took them and left them sitting on my bedside table for two weeks. After his constant nagging and asking me about what I thought, I decided to read the first book. I turned the first page and was hooked.....

I can't get enough of them now and find myself longing to get home so I can read the next chapter of my 'Harry Potter' book. After finishing each book, I watch the movie to compare the two. I am addicted. A little late I know...but addicted nonetheless. I have read the first three in 4 days and have the next two installments waiting on my table to be devoured.

So...when have you ever, dismissed something, thinking that you would so not be interested and then found you were pleasantly and unexpectedly surprised???


Robot Nine said...

Yeah, and it is hard to tell. I avoid the bandwagon also. But everyone without fail, teen, young married friends, older retirees have told me Harry is good. I have yet to read them as it looks like a big committment. I've been meaning to read Lord of the Rings trilogy for 3 decades and see the movies since they were made. Maybe I better get on the horse and ride. Robot Nine

jiggins said...

Yeah I never read any of the Potter books either, I wouldn't mind doing it and many people have told me that they love it. I am sure I would enjoy it as well. I just haven't jumped on that one. It's not going anywhere.

I read LOTR Trilogy every Summer from age 12-16 just about.. lol. The movies are great too.

This always spills over into music for me as well. I always try to give new music a chance, but I can't even bare to turn on the radio.. the commercials alone drive me nutz. So I think I miss alot of music that could be great or relevant at the time, because I stay away from the main-Mainstream stuff. I get to it eventually, which I guess is still good. I dunno.

haha.. good post. I'm rambling here.

Michael said...

You have just encapsulated my whole belief system in this post. I always give a chance to any television show, movie, music, game, sport, magazine, blog or book. It's incredibly difficult to have such leniency but I need it to keep my open-mindedness, which, in retrospect, I hold too highly for myself sometimes...

I actually think that it's the general idea that I've dismissed. I used to think that books were the only media I could enjoy and attain information from, but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed music, games and sports after being exposed to more of them as I got older. I was surprised at how much I learn now from television, movies and, of course, blogging.

Great idea for a post, Frankie. Thought-provoking and very relatable for me and, I'm sure, many others.


P.S. Like jiggins, and unlike Alan, I've read the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I appreciated the structure, the storyline and the diction very much. I'm afraid I don't share your enthusiasm (or that of many others) toward the Harry Potter series. I've read all seven and found the latter three or four a drag. I still gave it a shot, though. I did like the first two a lot.

Pam said...

I haven't read the Harry Potter books and I'm not really sure why. But now, it seems like it would be such an undertaking, that I don't want to make the commitment.