Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Wrap Up

Everyone celebrates Christmas in their own ways and have their own traditions. And it's common for some family traditions to evolve and change as everyone goes through different life cycles. How did you spend your day?

Bella: For many years my families ideal Christmas day involved spending the entire day together feasting in lavish meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner while enjoying each others company and relaxing. We would spend all day and night preparing the meals to then enjoy all together. Our family loves food and there was always an excess of elaborate and indulgent dishes.

Our gift giving used to be fairly traditional as well, with each person or couple getting gifts for everyone in the family. As we all got older, we moved on to doing the secret santa gift giving where we would each buy just one gift for one person in the family.

However in the last two years, we have moved away from the Christmas at home to going out and treating ourselves to an extravagent Christmas Lunch out. As our family is relatively small and there are no young children amongst us at the moment, we have decided to forgoe the expensive gift giving and labour intensive lunches at home. We have decided that for the moment what suits us is to all spend what we would on gifts and go out and really treat ourselves on this one special day. To us, what is most important is being together and enjoying each others company. We have everything that we need so we choose to indulge in this day and let someone else do the cooking and cleaning for us!

I'm sure that eventually we'll have little kids running around and then the time will come when a family Christmas at home will be how we will celebrate. For now however I really look forward to my one day of indulgence, wine and food. Our Christmas was fantastic!


carmar76 said...

Happy Christmas time! Sounds like your family has the right idea - being together is more important than the gifts. We have a 20 month old in our family, so the gifts are important, too! : ) But I love just spending time w/ my mom, brother & nephew & extended family. Taking pictures & having fun!

Simplicity said...

What a great idea! No stress, no mess! :)

My daughter and I have a few things we stick to every year no matter where we are. We buy a new Christmas ornament for the tree, open pajamas on Christmas Eve, drink Morning Glories on Christmas morning (a bit of champagne with orange juice) and watch a movie on Christmas Day.

Laura said...

Happy Christmas and New Year's to you and to your family. Isn't amazing how I thought all of my Christmas' would turn out like the family in the Christmas Story. You'll poke your eye out? :)