Monday, December 8, 2008

Just a bit of Trivia

Well with Frankie seemingly MIA and having not previously discussed today's post, I am left with no option but to post something completely random and for my own fun and amusement.

Bella: Just a little bit of trivia for you: I absolutely love, love, love Trivia! I would love nothing more than to spend every evening in some dodgy pub eating a bowl of fries with mayo and tomato sauce and participating in trivia quizzes all night long. I find trivia fascinating and the more I play trivia type games the more I want to know. I can't get enough. You may have noticed from our previous post on Christmas Wish List
, I have asked Santa for the Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice.

So without further is a list of Trivia questions which I found today in my monthly Reader's Digest. (Note to self: Maybe I could make this a regular weekly post) (Don't tell Frankie)

1. In which country would you find the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat. (2 points)
2. Name the bestselling author of Nineteen Minutes, The Pact and Change of heart. (2 points)
3. What tragic event occurred on Sunday August 31, 1997. (2 points)
4. The term Cold Ward came from the lack of physical warfare between the US and the Soviet Union during this period- true of false. (2 points)
5. Which planet is known for its rings. (2 points)
6. Which actor has 'Wino Forever' tattooed on his body (2 points)
7. Which Academy Award- winning director of The English Patient died this year. (2 points)
8. Which sporting great was dubbed 'the boy from Bowral'. (2 points)
9. 'Spring forward, fall back' is a useful formula for what sometimes puzzling process. (2 points)

Note: I am thinking that the last two questions may be biased towards Australians.


Michael said...

Hi Bella,

1. Cambodia (Always wanted to go there.)
2. Jodi Picoult (Good author.)
3. Princess Diana passed away.
4. I'm going to guess 'false'...
5. Saturn. (Although, Uranus' rings are quite special too.)
6. No idea.
7. Anthony Minghella.
8. No idea.
9. Daylight saving time.

Do make it a weekly post. That would be fun. :)

Thank you for following my blog. I've enjoyed yours and I think it's a very creative and unique idea to share this with your brother.


Frankie and Bella said...

Hi Michael :)
1. Correct. Cambodia's amazing! I only went for a week to see the temples.
6.Johnny Depp for Winona Ryder
8.Sir Donald Bradman

Thanks for commenting on this and our blog. Frankie is actually my twin sister though :) hehe.