Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Twin Speak: What's your Christmas Wish List!

With Christmas less than 4 weeks away we thought it would be fun to see what every one's wish list is?

Bella: Now I am old enough to know that there is no such thing as the big jolly man dressed in red who stuffs himself down chimneys to deliver gifts around the world. BUT I still do have my wish list. And even though our family have a no gift giving rule and choose to spend what we would on gifts on an extravagant Christmas lunch out, I can still dream...even though there is basically fat chance of most of these gifts materialising. Still it's fun to dream!

Bella's Wish List:
Pandora bracelet with lots and lots of charms
Bryce Courtenay's book Fishing for Stars
A subscription to Digital Arts Magazine
The Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice
Tickets to Kings of Leon performing in March
Ralph Hot Perfume
Anything vintage or hanmade from Etsy
Makeup from MAC or Napolean

Aviator Sunglasses

Frankie Wish List

Prada Sunglasses
Cinema Parfum by YSL
Nintendo Wii
A new journal
A great book
Big funky beach bag


carmar76 said...

oh, good lists!
Mine would look something like:

The Twilight series (except Twilight LOL)
Angel season 1 on dvd
Subscription to People
Purse-size digital camera
Speedy divorce for my brother
Happy nephews

: )

sassy stephanie said...

I would love a new camera, but can't decide what to go with.

Frankie and Bella said...

Bella: Hubby and I got a camera last year for Chrissy. We treated ourselves. We got a Canon EOS 450D. It works great for what we need.

Marquetta said...

This is on my Christmas list every year and I haven't gotten it yet. I'm hoping one of these days my hubby will finally give in and buy it for me.

Diamond Tennis bracelet.

I love jewelry - of all kinds. I've wanted a tennis bracelet and have been asking for one for 12 years and counting....

Michelle Brunner said...

Bella, I am with you, I love Kings of Leon..they would be great to see in concert! My wish list includes speakers for my laptop, a mini printmaking press, great jewelry from artists on etsy and a drying rack for my papers! Hope you all get what you want this year!