Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why didn't I think of that!

I was reading a particular magazine this month and there was an article titled 'In Pursuit of Happiness'. Now I'm all for self development and the pursuit for a better and happier life but sometimes I feel some of the advice out there and methods of trying to create a better life are, well just ridiculous.

This particular article comments that happiness is something that can be learnt, much like healthy eating habits. Then it goes on to share some 'Ways to get happy' and the top way to get happy is:

'Set aside a worry time, such as half and hour after work. If worries come up at other times, put them out of your mind until worry time'.

Gee...thanks...why didn't I think of that! Seriously, I mean that's great advice...if you could actually do that. The whole point of the article assumes that you have some reason to be unhappy or not as happy as you like. So it tells you that if you actually have something that is worrying you, not to try and tackle the problem and sort it out but instead to push it aside when it does bother you and allocate some 'Worry Time'.

I mean this whole concept actually stresses me out even more. What if I forget what I am supposed to be worrying about when Worry Time comes??? What if I don't have enough time to allocate for all my worries!! What then?? Do I then create two or more sittings?? Oh my god, I would actually worry about the Worry Time and then wouldn't that defeat the whole purpose??

This concept to me seems great in theory but in reality, who has that much control that you can actually stop your mind from obsessing over a problem that might actually be really bothering you, to worrying about it in a more appropriate and convenient time. Well I know for one that I am not THAT IN CONTROL. Oh well there goes my happiness :)


C. Beth said...

That's about the most ridiculous happiness advice I've ever read. Thanks for sharing it. :)

Frankie and Bella said...

Hmmmm, perhaps this advice is suppose to make you cull down your worry priority list Bella??? I mean, if you only have 1 hour to worry than you will really need to prioritise which worries are really worth worrying about...and if you can't do that than maybe you need to multi-task your worry time???

D.T. said...

Okay, that's really stupid. Sometimes, I wonder if today's modern magazine writers just pull advice out of their ass and try to make it sound so cool and chic, it's ridiculous. I mean, come on..."worry time"? If something's bothering you, putting it off will just cause more problems in the long run. Keeping emotions bottled up usually results in catastrophic consequences. Sounds to me like a letter to the editor is in order?

Frankie and Bella said...

D.T...I had a laugh at your comment :) But I know, it's like they think 'Hey this sounds so new age people might actually believe it'! After reading it, I just sat there and thought what a load of bollocks!


Mandy said...

Dude. I'm with you. I'm just a natural worrier and an article telling me how to be a better one ain't gonna help me.

Giving you a SITS hug!!

Ashley said...

Haha! Too good! I'd definitely be worrying about worry time. Who needs that?

Found you through SITS. Can't wait to read more. Love your blog!

sassy stephanie said...

How FUN that you do this blog together. And, could you please send those shoes in the profile pic to me? Size 7.

Thanks for sharing in my SITS day with me!