Monday, November 17, 2008

Twin Speak: Fly your Freak Flag!

I believe that we are all entitled to fly our freak flag every now and then. By this I mean that we all have our little quirks, strange behaviours, hidden talents or even a body attribute we may have been born with?

Bella: For example I know someone, who looks very similar to myself but isn’t me, that will not eat anything the colour red. But I find this extremely endearing and personally I think one of her greatest character qualities. I love that everyone is different and these little behaviours only serve to prove that point. What a boring world we would live in if we were all the same.

So below are the things that entitle to me to fly my freak flag! What are yours?

1. I love the smell of paper. Whenever I receive anything in the mail after opening it usually the first thing I do is smell the paper :) I have found that bank statements and catalogues smell best..haha. Also I love the smell of new paperback books. CRAZY...I know.

2. I am obsessed with keeping the floors clean especially if it’s carpet. I have been known to run around the house in the presence of guests (usually only family or really close friends as I want to avoid being thrown in an asylum) with a little dust buster sucking up any little crumbs that might get away.

3. I have abnormally tiny ears. As in I don't think they have grown at all since I was born. They are really small and people often comment, point and laugh at them.

1.As Bella already mentioned, and she tries to mention it to every person we know and as often as she can :) I do not like a lot of things ‘red’, particularly red M&M’s. I think my phobia developed when I was a child and I witnessed a red M&M fly out of Bella’s nose when she was laughing at something and then picked it up and popped it back in her mouth…eew! So you can only imagine the challenge I face when someone purchases a bag of M&M’s during a visit to the cinemas. I have to inspect each one in the movie light, to make sure it is not a red culprit!

2. Next…I have an obsession with keeping my hands clean. I carry around wet wipes and those little bottles of anti-bacterial hand lotions just in case I come into close contact with a germ.

3. Finally, for some reason whenever I get angry I get this red line running down my forehead. My family used to make fun of me when I was younger for this and I remember a time when my cousin was trying to imitate me by running around the house like a mad person with a bright red pencil sticky taped to her head. Not funny!! Really, I think it’s a benefit and can indicate to family members when not to approach me, “oh the red lines showing, back away from Frankie”.


cw2smom said...

What a great entry and it's got me thinkin! I love the Red M&Ms story! It reminds me of my oldest daughter who refuses to eat/drink anything white. She's always hated milk, so I guess it stems from that! I always think of the things she's missing out on...sour cream, vanilla pudding, whipped cream! Arrrgggh!! Good stuff there! Oh I have that obsession with keeping my hands clean too! ALWAYS have hand sanitizer nearby and dutifully wash my hands especially after handling grocery carts and gas pump handles...etc. How about this one...I can't sleep with a fly in the room! I will hunt it down before drifting off to sleep! Oh all of this is worthy of a new blog entry! Thanks ladies for the inspiration! Hugs, Lisa

Frankie and Bella said...

Bella: Ooh ooh I'm the same! I can't sleep with a mosquito in the room! The buzzing drives me the thought of waking up to a hundred red itcy bites :)

Marquetta said...

I hate milk. I can't stand the taste of it. But I love cereal and I refuse to use water with my cereal. So I pour enough milk in the bowl of cereal to get the cereal wet. When I scoop up a spoonful of cereal, I drain the milk from the spoon and then eat the cereal. And I hate soggy cereal. It has to be crunchy.

Frankie and Bella said... that sounds like a real operation to eat cereal. You must love cereal. ;)

sarchick said...

I have my own little quirks just like everyone else but I have to tell you that this blog reminded me of one of my friends... He has texture issues. He can't stand anything that is smooth or soft and he absolutly hates cotton balls.
I hate to admit it but I do have fun with this fact when we are together and he plays on my quirks too!