Saturday, November 15, 2008

Twin Speak: What goals did you start but are yet to achieve?

Thanks to One Minute Writer who featured our prompt suggestion- 3 Goals!

Bella: We managed to grab the attention of some new followers which is always good in this competitive blog world. I hope Frankie doesn't start stressing too much (content, content, it's all about the content!!!) :) Coming from an online marketing industry I understand the importance of having relevant content but I think if we just remain ourselves and true to the point of this blog that should be enough and if not...oh well.

But the topic of 3 goals you want to achieve got me thinking about the opposite....what are goals that you have set out to achieve in the past but haven't...yet. Well, well...I have plenty :) My problem is...I loose interest after awhile. I think I'm like a goldfish sometimes, in that my attention span for new interest, ideas and ventures isn't long and I flit from one thing to another. So here are a list of my things:

- Learning Latin dancing
- Beach boot camp (I nearly died)
- Pole dancing (I nearly died...fell on my head)
- Sticking to a low GI diet (I love coffee and chocolate)
- Starting a cooking club with my family
- Writing a gratitude diary
- Working towards financial freedom (well think to be fair...this one is a constant work in progress)

There are many more. Some of the above I may take back on and try to achieve and others....well "Tell her she's dreaming!".

Frankie: Well I suppose the first way to achieving something is realising it...or realising that you failed the first time...but the good thing is, you've always got the next time.

So some of the main ones for me would be:

- Reducing my credit card debt :) (I did in fact partially achieve this one, but things have been super tough and I'd have to say this is a work in progress.)
- Travel (I have yet to achieve even a small portion of this goal. I have to admit though, I haven't been actively proactive in this one and always push it aside for my other so called priorities.)
- Exercise (Another on again off again goal...I wish I was dedicated like Bella on this front)
- Save, save, save (Maybe if I stop buying those damn shoes and bags I could actually get this goal off the ground) :)

We try not to get deterred by not achieving all our goals all the time..Tomorrow is another day!


Tootie said...

Your blog is great. :)

I just saw that you have a book club and that the November book is Eat, Pray, Love. I just finished reading it a few weeks ago and thought it was A-MAZING!

Hope you enjoy it as well. Prost!

Kath said...

I blog with my sister and I love how it has given us a daily connection again (we now live in different cities). Looking forward to seeing more from you two!

C. Beth said...

Let's see.... I have had a goal for a long time to get an article published in the magazine Guideposts, and I've never even sent one in.

I need to work on that, just get up off my butt and do it.

C. Beth said...

Oh, and P.S.--18 followers--that's great!!! Took me weeks to get to 18.

Rosewood said...

This is a great blog, glad I found it!

cheeky monkey said...

I agree this is a great blog!

Very cool!