Wednesday, April 1, 2009

TwinSpeak...April Fools Prank!!

So being in the April Fools spirit...I decided to prank my boyfriend.

Frankie: An oldie but a goodie, I called him up at work and carefully broke the news to him that I was pregnant. After an extended pause his reply was, "Is it possible". My reply, "Ahh, yes, I assure you, it is biologically possible ;)" Silence.... His reply, "But how is this possible, are you sure??" My reply, "yes, pregnancy tests are 99.9% accurate, but we can always go to a family planning clinic to make sure"...Hehe, I had to fess up after that because I could hear the car door slamming and screeching tire sounds :)

Well, I have a feeling that from now on, my forgetful boyfriend will be taking more notice in the passing of days and their allocated dates and connotations...April Fools!!!

Bella: LOL!! I was going to do the exact same prank! But I didn't want to give my poor darl a heart attack so I thought the better of it. No pranks pulled by myself I'm sad to say. I'm just not the prankster kind.

I'd love to hear what others did to their friends and loved ones though?


cw2smom said...

Tooo funny! I wish my teenager running away was a prank...but it's not! Thanks for your supportive comment! I'll never forget when a coworker gave another person a "winning" scratcher lottery ticket! They were screaming with delight and laughter at the good fortune of winning something like 200 thousand US dollars! It was soooo sad to see the truth come out! I would have been sooo angry! LOL! Lisa

Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S a reaction that should've been caught on video!


Here's the best April Fools that I fell for:

A few years ago... my BF at the time called me, told me his sister had gone into labor (this was close to her due-date too), and he was already driving to her hospital (3hrs away in another city). He asked me to meet him there.

I quickly packed an overnight bag, and started hauling *ss to the other city.

An hour later, he called to tell me April Fools.

What an *sshat!

Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

I made it through the entire day without being pranked, thank goodness. Doesn't happen often.