Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TwinSpeak: Work Woes

It's been a week or so since our last blog post. We've been on hiatus, trying to keep on top of work, life, love and then a much needed break over the crazy silly Easter season.

Bella: I'm back in the swing of things after stuffing myself and almost overdosing on chocolate...if that's possible. I can't tell you how nice it was to have a 4 day week last week and then a 4 day week this week and lucky me, I actually have a 4 day week next week as well. I took next Monday off for an annual leave day. My husband is surprising me and taking me on a short trip to Melbourne!

Yet even with all these short weeks, I'm finding my patience being tested and ready to snap. It's not work or clients so much but one person I work with that seems to be really eating away at me. I went for months being able to work alongside this person no worries. But now, in the last week, I'm finding that I'm being driven insane!

It's not that I don't like this person....just that we have such different work ethics and styles. I feel like whenever I go to work, I'm also babysitting and this person is only a few years younger than me...yet we are so far apart in where we are in life. They take no initiative in anything they do at work and are constantly asking questions on what to do, how to do it, if they can go to the toilet and this person has been here for nearly a year now!

Today...I had to take many deep breaths and count to ten many times just to stop from saying something I might regret later. My favourite part of the day, my morning coffee ritual was spoilt by this little turn of events.

Colleague- Um..I think you need more coffee beans
Me- Oh well look at that..yes we do.

So my colleague knows about it and tells me about it but what do they do about it...a big FAT NOTHING!!!

Colleague- Uhhh...the coffee machine just came up with a message ‘empty grounds container’....ughghh...I don’t know...ugghhh what do I do (having mini panic attack)
Me- Ahhh gee...I think that would mean ‘Empty the FUCKIN grounds container’ retard!!!

Colleague- The drip tray is full to the brim with water. What should I do.
Me- Gee and here I thought we were in drought!! Well save it of course!!

Obviously I didn't say all those things...but I was thinking them :)

Frankie: Well I said to Bella that she should maybe use this as an experiment to try and master her lack of 'patience'. As they say, 'Patience is a virtue' and maybe this dim witted kid has presented himself as a challenge in order for Bella to master the act of acquiring 'Patience'.

Bella I think you should coach and master your fellow colleague in the daily life lessons that he finds so challenging. Nurture him, guide him and provide him with supportive and constructive feedback into what he's doing wrong/right etc.

Helpful Hints:

- Count to ten or maybe 20 before speaking in his presence

- If a more than normal challenge presents itself and you find yourself on the brink of snapping again, ask yourself, "How would I feel if my colleague called me a dim-witted retard when all I need is help switching on the coffee machine"

- Next, write down some pre-determined compliments and words of encouragement, in order to be ready and quick off the mark when he does something, anything right????

- When giving feedback avoid using words such as; idiot, loser, degenerate moron, juvenile freak, retarded pin head and any other like minded terms.