Thursday, April 16, 2009

TwinSpeak: How can you be considerately inconsiderate?

Well when it rains it pours! Today's post is dedicated yet again to another work gripe and my question today is how can I be considerately inconsiderate.

Bella: We have a coffee machine at work but occasionally I will feel like having a 'real' coffee made so I'll stop off at the local cafe down the road from work. When I do this, I'll always text my other colleagues if they'd like one as well. My boss and I are really good where I'll get the coffees one time and then he'll get it the next. We don't need to keep tabs and it always works out fair.

There is also a third colleague who is included in our coffee run. Whenever either my boss or myself text guaranteed each and every time this colleague would like a coffee as well. The problem is....he rarely (I'm not going to say never because that's not true but it's closer to never than it is rarely) shares the turn and picks up the tab. At first I didn't think much about it but now it is getting really really annoying.

You see, BC (Before CoffeeMachine), we used to do a coffee run each morning and we had set days. Now that we have a coffee machine the cafe shop coffee run is more of a sporadic thing and when we just feel like splurging. There are no set days. What bugs me is that this third colleague never seems to think 'Hey, I haven't got coffees in awhile and maybe everyone will feel like one, it's my shout'. No he never makes the suggestion but just waits until one of us texts and then sure enough he's on board.

Take Easter for another example. On the Thursday before Easter break I went to a bakery to get fresh hot cross buns. I then text the group and said 'Hey I got buns who wants to do a coffee run? :)'. The reply from our colleague came back 'I'm nearly in the office...did you want me to get coffee'. Uhhh well...what do you think??!?!? In the end, I didn't answer because I thought well if he needs to be told to do something then he obviously doesn't want to do it. So I brought in hot cross buns, my boss got us all chocolate Easter bunnies and third colleague...well he brought nothing!

I think what annoys me the most is that how come I have to be considerate for my other colleague when he is obviously not very considerate for me? Would it be rude for me to just rock up with my coffee for the day and maybe my boss' too but not his? Do you think he'd notice?


carmar76 said...

Oh My Heck! I have a co-worker like that, too! Only with us it's candy. About a year ago or so, I started a candy dish at my desk. It was mostly because sometimes I want a piece of chocolate, but not always, and I didn't want the whole bag of candy "tempting" me. Plus, I wanted to share with the office. Well, as time went on & the candy dish was always filled by me (which I had no problem w/ since it was my idea!), some of my co-workers got together & said, "you shouldn't have to always buy the candy, we eat it, too." So it became a routine that other co-workers would give me $$ or buy candy & put it in my dish. I never ask, and I don't expect it. But at the same time - there is ONE co-worker who rarely (Bella, I like your description, cuz it fits them to a T) contributes. Every few months they'll toss a dollar at me, but they NEVER buy candy for the dish, and with the amount they eat, $4 a year does not cut it. It drives me (and the other co-workers who contribute) BATTY.

Whew, thanks! I'm glad I'm not the only one, tho. : )

carmar76 said...

Sorry - that was a really long comment!

Frankie and Bella said...

Oh god..I'm so glad it's not just me! I worked at another place where I used to have an M&M jar..a candy stash like you. It was my personal stash. But the GM of the hotel found it one day and then she always went in there and took my M&M's!!! It was annoying cause at the same time as she's stealing my candy she's also giving me a hard time and making comments about how unhealthy it is for me to snack on Chocolate!!! Ok...well feel free to stop eating it all then!!