Friday, March 20, 2009

TwinSpeak: Confessions of a Shopaholic

Recently Frankie and I saw the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic". The movie itself was enjoyable and a good laugh but after, it made me reflect on my own and other people's shopping habits.

Bella: I'm not much of a shopper. In fact when I mention 'my own shopping habits' I should probably say my lack thereof. Of course I shop for groceries and household items but I'm talking more about shopping for pleasure. Shopping for clothes, personal items and anything else your heart desires. It's not that I don't like clothes, fashion and having my own things. Quite the opposite. I think I have my own unique sense of style and I love clothes and taking pride in my appearance. It's just that...I hate to shop.

Being in a shop lined wall to wall with clothes, shoes and handbags with no real idea about what you want is my personal nightmare. Then throw in all the other crazed shoppers and I'm positively having a full blown panic attack. I don't have the patience, persistence or courage to wrangle my way through racks of clothes, fight girls for the discounted pair of shoes or hop from one table to the other grabbing anything that might look ok on me. Then getting to the fitting rooms to try it all on...NO THANKS!

I recently read an article on the economy and lengths people are going to to save a buck on shopping. And some of the suggestions were interesting while some were just too much effort in my opinion. Like I said, I have no real shopping habits and don't really employ any of the shopping tactics suggested on a regular basis. I'm curious though to know if anyone else out there practices any of these?

Codes: Buying things online with discount or special offer codes.
Rebates: Purchasing off websites or stores who offer cash back offers.
Coupons: Shopper dockets or going to websites online where you can download and print coupon offers.
Comparisons: Shopping around online and elsewhere for the same product and getting price comparisons.
Auctions: Online auctions with eBay being the obvious option.
Buying at the right time: Waiting until there are sales and stores mark down their goods.
Haggle: Negotiate on the price when shopping in store. If the item is faulty or damaged, ask for a discount.
Opt for excess: buying in bulk or purchasing online through stores that sell excess stock and liquidated items.

Frankie: Yes as opposite as we can get on any trait, this would be the extreme. As I watched the movie the other day, I must say, I felt like I was watching a Bio. Of course I denied it the whole time we were watching the movie while Bella was poking me and staring at me with that, "that is so you" kind of look.

My name is Frankie and I am a shopaholic. The feeling I get when I walk into a store and see all the beautiful clothes lined up, the exhilaration when I find that fabulous purchase and the excitement when I have my hot little purchase in my hot little hand after buying it, gives me such a rush and joy.

But of course, it all comes crashing down when I see my credit card statement. Lately though, with the tough economic times, I have been one of those people that go to lengths to save and grab a bargain. I can't be as careless with my money now. So the few strategies that Bella listed I have to say, I am not unfamiliar to them and some of mine include:

Auctions: Yes, I am not a stranger to ebay. You can get some good bargains on there. But of course, it is so much easier sometimes walking into the store and having it straight away.
Online Shopping: I have found a few good local and international websites that offer great reductions in prices and lower RRP due to the country off season rates. Of course, like above the waiting factor can be annoying.
Waiting to buy at the right time: I have done my research, and a few of my favourite stores seem to reduce most of their items at the end of the season or sooner and have a wide selection of sizes still. I have been holding out now and purchase during the massive reductions. I haven't missed out on too many items this way, but of course even when I have, I normally have new piece of clothing that I am interested in anyway.
Vintage stores: Yes, I have renewed my love of vintage stores and have frequented them more often of late. However, it can be a tiresome effort sometimes. Having to go from one store to my next store, carefully inspecting the clothes for flaws and then having to make necessary alterations that are sometimes needed for vintage threads.
Trade-off: My latest and most hardest choice, has been the trade-off. Due to the tough times and the fact that I really shouldn't be shopping bargain or no bargain...I have been sacrificing my current wardrobe each time I buy a new item. If I buy something, I must sell something or things, on ebay until I make up the equivalent value. Of course, I still could be using this money for other more necessary items but least I am trying new ways instead of solely relying on my trusty credit card :)


Frankie and Bella said...

Frankie I just read your Trade Off strategy and I'm giving you a standing ovation. This has to be a new breakthrough in your shopping addiction. All jokes aside though, I think well done on making the compromise :)

Bella xoxo

Frankie and Bella said...

Thank you, thank you :)