Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Twin Speak...Where is your haven?

Over the years, living in my little home town, I have come to appreciate the qualities it offers. However, I know that I still have so much more to appreciate and discover...

Frankie: It's sad for me to think that I have lived almost 28 years in this one town and have yet to discover its natural beauties and splendour. Why do we let ourselves get carried away with the less joyful things in our lives. Yes, I know, 'To Survive'. Who has time to enjoy the little wonders of our world when we need to work to eat and live. Yet, I am not happy to think that just because it is, it should be?

Therefore, I have left you with a picture of one of my favourite safe havens that I love to go to when I need to remember what I should be grateful for.

The Beach
I come here whenever I need to think. I love sitting on the soft sand, and depending the weather, enjoy the cool feel of it between my toes or the warmth as I lie there looking at the sky. I always let my mind wonder into endless possibilities when I'm here.

How many other people have sat in this exact spot and contemplated the world. How many have run their hands thought the delicate sand and watch it blow through the air as it falls from their palm.

Whenever I feel at a cross roads, a dead-end or just overly contemplative, I come here to think and it always puts things in perception. How can you not be grateful, how can you not be happy living within such breathtaking paradise.

Whatever thoughts, sadness or worries I had slowly lifts as I feel more and more indebted to be able to witness this, something that some other person may only have dreamed!

Let me know what your place of escape looks like? Tell me what makes it your own, why or where it is...enjoy!!!


carmar76 said...

That is a beautiful picture! My place of solitude and "ahhh" is usually the car. Driving has been theraputic for me ever since high school. I pick out a CD or radio station & just go wherever I can. Of course, gas prices going out of control put the kibosh on a lot of my driving for pleasure lately! : (

I must say, tho, that if I lived closer to the ocean, THAT would be my place of escape. I love the ocean & don't get there nearly enough.

The Blonde Duck said...

Popping in from SITS to say hi!

BlogBaby said...

Hey, just stopping in from SITS.

Gorgeous image! Makes me want to go there RIGHT STINKIN' NOW! Can that be arranged?

Love your blog!


Butler and Bagman said...

This is a beautiful photograph. My place of escape is probably internal and not capable of being photographed because it travels with me wherever I am.

Michael said...

Frankie, I adore the beach so much. I love the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the water, the wind at night, the feel of the soft, light, dry sand, as well as the wet, cute mushiness of the wet kind at the water's edge.

I have sat on the beach to get some peace of mind as well. I've look at the stars and the moon, just wondering what life is all about. The beach is my haven as well. Good one, Frankie.