Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twin Speak...What irks you?

Another eventful day at the shops. By now, it's probably quite obvious that Bella and I like to shop...if it be for clothes, groceries or little knic knax.

Frankie: Anyway, the other day while out shopping, we were on a purposeful mission and lo and behold we were encountered by both our pet peeves...the bain of our shopping experiences...

Ladies and gentlemen...
1. Inexperienced trolley pushers &
2. Slow walkers

Now, I am sure we both have many flaws that most probably annoy other people. But today we are going to take an indulgent liberty in discussing the above two.

Inexperienced trolley pushers have the ability to ruin a perfectly grand shopping day. Not only do they ineffectively manoeuvre their trolleys, create unnecessary trolley collisions, trolley congestion by ridiculously stopping anywhere they like, but they do all this while also inhibiting unbearable pain on our ankles. As we encountered multiple trolley offenders, I could see Bella's New Year resolution of, "staying calm and becoming more patient" fly not only out the window but the universe.

And on top of all this, I then discover the growing epidemic of...'Slow Walkers'. Is it not less then 6 weeks to Christmas? Yes, yes it is? So why on earth are there ever increasing slow walkers taking up valuable shopping time and pathway???

Bella: Other than the above two pet peeves what also drives me bananas is:
1. Indecisive people
2. Pikers. People who say they will be somewhere and then at the last minute leave you high and dry
3. People who drive in the right hand lane well below the speed limit

And my biggest Pet Peeve is
4. Punctuality! People who leave you waiting!


Psych Babbler said...

Hi! Found you through WTBAY!

Agree with the pet peeve of slow walkers (really annoys me as I find myself dodging a number of them!!) I'm also with you on the Punctuality since I'm usually the one left waiting. Other stuff that annoys me: people listening to music on their mobile phone on speaker instead of their earphones! Makes me soooo mad!

Anyway, looking forward to reading your blog!


Ashley said...

I'm guessing trolleys are what we call buggies or carts? Seems to fit the part. And I too hate these offenders. Buggy traffic jams are biggest hatred at the grocery store - seriously, don't stop in the middle of the freakin' aisle, people! You see I'm not very calm or patient either. Haha! However, I must confess that I am indecisive. :| Eek! Sorry!

jiggins said...

I get slightly peeved when people walk, what a friend calls "Nascar-Style" .. that being in a wide formation.. and not very fast so you can't even get around them. I find it difficult to sometimes not say something to them about it.. Living in Las Vegas, I see this a lot.. families, drunk frat boys.. dim groups of scantily clad women.. (i can deal with that one) It is an irk for sure! I can relate to you two on this!

Frankie and Bella said...

Jiggins..that's so funny! But you do feel like saying 'move over and let the fast carts pass!!!'


Frankie and Bella said... have the worst of it. Frat boys, scantily clad women, while slow walking... my heart goes out to you ;)

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog... I love your word for what I call a "shopping cart" and pikers are "flakers" to me :)