Thursday, March 26, 2009

Twin Speak...Sales Reps!!!

In these tough economic times sales representatives must be absolutely desperate to meet targets and will even put their lives on the line...

I can't believe the lengths some sales reps will go to get a lead. This evening, I was quietly sitting in my living room doing a bit of reading and suddenly heard someone saying ' hello', 'hello' in a funny Indian accent at my front gate.

At first I thought it was my neighbour being funny and mucking around. However, the 'hello' kept chiming and then I decided to get up and to my astonishment, see a Telephone Rep standing near my front door. Just to note, that to get to my front door you have to open the front gate that has a big metal sign stating, "BEWARE OF DOG". Instantly I freeze, hear my dog barreling around the corner and then hear his barking growl and I tell the rep to please go back behind the gate.

As soon as he hears my dog barking, he replies, "Oooh, you have a dog". Ah, yeah!!! Did you happen to miss that sign when you intruded and opened my gate??? So, Mr. Sales Rep steps outside the gate, my dog charging towards him but was now by my side and barking at this stranger, the rep continues his sales talk as I stare at him bewildered by his eagerness to make a sale???

I can't believe some people? How could you be so negligent of your own safety and ignore such warnings. "Oh, don't mind the big Rottweiler gnawing on your leg...just continue your sales spiel"???? I kinda felt bad because I didn't take the guy up on his offers even after his extreme efforts :)

Yeesh...tough times you don't say.

Bella: I have definitely seen an increase in the amount of telemarketing calls I've been receiving in the past couple of months. At home I've been getting around 5 a week, at least 1 or 2 a day at work and most annoyingly I've started getting them on my mobile. (For these calls I've had to break my 'Why Not Monday' challenge and my response is not so polite).

What I've also noticed however is the new and creative ways these telemarketers are tyring to just get an in let alone make the sale.

Would you like to save money?

Me: No, I love throwing my money down the gurgler and then finding myself struggle to pay my next bill. "Thanks"

Now, I'm not trying to sell you anything.
Me: (thinking) why would you be calling me from India then..just to find out how the weather is here?? "No thanks"

Are you interested in retiring rich?

Me: No actually I'm interested in retiring poor. Retiring rich has never really occurred to me?

Are you happy with your mobile phone company?

Me: Yes, I enjoy paying astronomically high prices just to get crap service and even crappier phone coverage whilst always having this frustrating feeling of being ignored whenever I try to sort out a problem. I love it! (This is all true except for the enjoyment part but I can't be bothered dealing with another Telco to just go through it with them)

Sorry for the sarcasm but as you can see...I'm a bit over sales calls.