Monday, March 23, 2009

Twin Speak...Finders Keepers???

Frankie: So what happened to the age old saying, "Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers"?? Or does that only apply when you're a little kid finding a shiny bottle cap or something else of non-value??

A group of girls went out the other night for a Hen's night. I was getting a lift to our next destination and as we were all walking to the car, 2 girls passed in front of me to the car and I was trailing on behind. As I looked to the ground I see two $20 folded into each other on the ground. I pick it up and ask, "Oh did anyone drop $40?".

Everyone looks around confused and I explain that I just found it on the parking lot ground. Everyone checks their wallets and kinda confirms, "No I don't think so". Well you either did or you didn't I think to myself?? I know exactly how much I have in my wallet at any given time, give or take a few dollars. But I think I would notice $40 missing??

Anyway, the girl driving the car says to me, "Well I'll have it" and to that I reply, "no (and I'm smiling by the way) did you lose the $40" to which she replies, after checking her wallet mind you "well I don't know, I'll just hold on to it" (and she says this in a rather vague and abrupt tone).

So, I give her the money until she can better assess her wallet situation and let me know whether or not she lost it at all. However, as we proceed through the night, she is very vague about it and even when we have to pay for one of our Hen's night activities during the course of the night she still doesn't bring up the found money??

I then checked my money and count it to be sure that in fact, 'could it have been mine' because I never actually checked my own wallet. And as I start counting my money the girl asks, "Oh, could it have been your $40'. Well, 'No' I say and leave it at that; but what I really felt like saying was, "No. It's not mine, but is it yours. Because if we can confirm whether or not you lost the money, I want it back...Finders Keepers".

But no, she 'holds' on to the money and throughout the whole night is buying herself and the Hen drinks and other girls might I add and never once, offers to buy me a drink or never once gives me back the money.

Now, our relationship is a little strained to begin with. It's not as natural as with some of the other girls. So I don't push the money thing. But come the end of the night we all leave and yes...she still has the money???

Does anyone else find this strange??? I find it very bizarre and just can't seem to find any reason why she could justify her keeping the money herself. It has put me in a very uncomfortable position.

I am going to leave it because after all...It was never my money to begin with, but it wasn't hers either. But I think it was more the principal of the matter. I felt like a little kid who found some money and was being taught a valuable morals lesson in always trying to return lost goods to its owner?? In this case, when all else fails at returning the lost goods, give it to the more responsible person???? WTF?????


carmar76 said...

Have to say - you should've kept the money. I think "finders keepers" is still valid UNLESS the rightful owner is there & says difinitively "this is mine." I think the other girl, unless she has since called you to apologize, has her head screwed on wrong. If she'd used the money to buy rounds of drinks for everyone, that would have been better than just keeping it - since SHE didn't find it.

But, I'm think I would've said right away when finding the money - "Whoohoo! $40! Drinks on me girls! Unless this belongs to anyone? Nope? Okay, Yay me!" : ) Heh, I'm a dork, I know.

Frankie and Bella said...

I Agree with this. I think Frankie should have just kept it and not handed it over. Too nice. I also would have felt inclined to say something come Monday morning. "Hey...what did you end up doing the $40 that I found?". Preferably in a room full of people so that she has to squirm out her explanation :)