Monday, November 24, 2008

The Brutal Truth...

When have you received the brutal truth, welcome or unwelcome and it was, well...quiet frankly, BRUTAL!!

Frankie: Recently I received a serving of this brutal truth. And now, I am going to draw on a more personal experience here and share this truth.

So I recently went on a diet that consisted of shakes, unlimited amounts of most vegetables and 1 serve of meat a day. Anyway, one of the side effects of this diet was bad breath due to the way your body adjusts to the fat burning process.

I come home one day and say hello to my boyfriend and he starts sniffing around and says something smells. So I check my shoes to see if I perhaps stepped on dog poo. Nope. So I continue talking and he's at it again..."Something really smells like dog shit." This time he checks his shoes, I check mine again, nothing, so I continue talking. Then he says to me, come closer, so I do, then he says, "say something", so I say, "something".

At this he reels back and nearly passes out. "Geez he said, it's your breath." Naturally, I am slightly offended, to say the least, at my boyfriends inference that my breath smells shit. Coincidentally, I did not continue on that diet for much longer.

So there you have it! The brutal truth.

Now tell me, not that this is a competition or anything, but can you beat that????

When have you received the brutal truth? What was it? And who said it? A loved one, a friend or just a passing stranger?

Bella: Nope none for me :) Ok, ok. Once at work I was sharing a story with my work colleagues about a recent shopping experience that went bad. Long story short and I received the worst customer service ever. Well I'm not one who will experience bad customer service and not say something...I am paying for a service??? So I told my colleagues about trying to rectify the situation and what I said...and one of my colleagues turned around and said "Gee you're a bitch!". Well I'm sure I did come across as a bitch to the shop assistant because I was trying to stand up for what I believed in but I certainly didn't expect it from a work colleague.

Frankie: yeah...I still win :)


Simplicity said...

My gym teacher once told me I would be a Jill of all trades, but a master of none. It really had an impact on my psyche and as much as I've been trying to break from that definition of myself, I find myself thinking the same thing often.

cw2smom said...

Frankie..I think I'd be damaged for life or at least incredibly concerned about the possibility of EVER having dog poo breath from that point on! You poor thing! The most recent brutal truth was from my would be Price Charming about how I'd be "more attractive" to someone ELSE! Arrrrggggghh! Bella...customer service is soooo lacking here in the States that when one actually receives good service, it's a wonderful surprise! Blessings Ladies! Lisa

Simplicity said...

I love your blog & have given you an award! Come & get it!

danasiag said...

love your blog ladies!
i think the last time i was served a dose of brutal honesty was about six months ago when a friend of mine grabbed my face, looked me in the eye and said "HES JUST DOESNT WANT A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU! MOVE ON WITH IT!".

Veronica B. EDMD said...

Frankie and Bella,

I award you the Marie Antoinette Award!!! This was given to me for writing about "real" everyday life.

Now you are supposed to pass this on to seven more bloggers who you believe are "real" bloggers who write about "real" everyday life.

Here are the rules:

The Rules

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jiggins said...

The bad breath thing doesn't come from the 'burning of fat' .. it is from a release of toxins in your system. When you don't ingest all of the crap that we usually ingest on a daily basis.. your body has to adjust.. eventually, and usually fairly quickly.. it goes away and you are much healthier for it.

To add to the rest, I was hanging out with this girl all night.. at a party - and eventually she told me the reason she would never be with me, was because I was "a little too fat". WOWZA!

Didn't hurt that much as I was happy with my weight, and was on a pretty regular workout plan at that point.. but it was harsh to say the least!

Frankie and Bella said...

Jiggins: Ouch. What a nasty thing to say. But like you said..all that matters is that you're happy. Kind of shallow though on the girl's part.

Once I got a compliment, if you could call it that and a guy walked past me in the street and said 'Hey you're not ugly at all'! Geez people have weird ways of putting things.


Frankie and Bella said...

lol...I remember that.